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Full Members


Lancashire Constabulary Police Officers, Support Staff Employees and other support service employees of cleaning and catering services who work at police establishments and who pay subscriptions to one of the Divisional Clubs.


Pensioned members of the force must be full members if they compete in any PSUK or County sport activities.


Only full members shall participate in PSUK or County sport, except at the discretion of the Management Committee. Honorary members may compete in Inter-Divisional sport.


Members of Headquarters Departments & National Crime Squad, shall play for the Division to which they pay their subscriptions.


Honorary Members


Pensioned Members of the Club and their partners notwithstanding those mentioned above.

Partners of Full Members

Members of the Special Constabulary

Persons under the control of the Chief Constable




Members receive all the available sport and social benefits that are provided within their respective Divisional Clubs including the use of facilities and equipment owned by the Club.


Members are also eligible to represent the force at county and national levels in a varied range of 25 different sporting activities.


To use any of these facilities including gaming machines, persons must be a paid member of the Club.




Monthly subscriptions vary between 2.00 and 4.75 depending on the division that you are a member. This includes membership to the County Club and the Police Sport UK.


Monthly subscriptions:


Western Division - 2.25

Southern Division - 2.75

Eastern Division - 2.00

Headquarters - 4.75


These fees include: -


Levy paid from Divisional Club to County Club - 2.00p per member per year.

Levy paid from County Club to Police Sport UK - 1.05p per member per year.


How to Become a Member


You are one step away from joining the Club. Simply email the Membership Secretary by:

  Clicking Here  Please include the Divisional Club you wish to join, your 'collar number' and pay reference number. That's all you need to do! An acknowledgment will be sent to your police email address.


Payment By Standing Order (Non-Payroll Staff)


Some members of police staff may not be linked to the Lancashire County Council payroll system. We now have a system where you may pay your membership monthly by standing order via your bank. If you wish to pay by this method please email the secretary for a copy of this form.


Membership Brochure with Form


You may view and print a Club membership brochure that incorporates a membership form and lottery subscription form. It contains a summary of the Club's facilities and activities along with lottery information. This may be useful to hand out at inductions with new colleagues joining the force.


Notes: Print the first page then re-print the second page on the reverse. The document will then fold into three parts with a detachable member form in the third section.


 Download and Save Membership Brochure (Word format)



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