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'Sports Personality of the Year' Award and 'Sports Team' Award
Nominations are invited annually for the above award that has been presented each year since 1964.
The award is intended to recognize a member of the Constabulary Sports Club who has achieved a particular outstanding sporting performance or performances when competing in Police Sport UK, County Sport or Divisional Club activities. This may be during the previous 12 months or over a number of years.
It also includes anyone who has given a high degree of dedication, time and commitment to any kind of sport activity in the Constabulary either recently or over a number of years.
We have also introduced new award for 2018 - 'Sports Team of the Year'.
Past Awards
Nomination details for awards 1964 to 1994 are not available.

1964 - PC 380 Ickeringill - 'HQTP' - Wrestling
1965 - PC 1263 Mayo - 'D' Division
1966 - PC 2008 Pearce - 'K' Division - Swimming
1967 - PC 2201 Hoop - 'D' Division - Athletics
1968 - PC 3077 Sanderson - 'HQ' - Javelin
1969 - PC 2617 Guy - 'D' Division
1970 - PC 364 Balderstone - 'D' Division - Athletics
1971 - PC 1326 Duckworth - 'Q' Division
1972 - PC 1306 Robinson - 'HQTP' 'D' Division
1973 - PS 615 Quirk - 'HQ' MDS - Shooting
1974 - PS 3570 Tomlinson - 'C' Division
1975 - PC 2379 Braithwaite/PC 1909 Lowe - 'B' Division - Badminton
1976 - PS 3905 Hinchcliffe - 'C' Division
1977 - PC 714 Smith - 'H' Division
1978 - PS 333 Taylor - 'HQ' Training - Athletics
1979 - DC 3729 Tebay - 'C' Division
1980 - WPC 6116 Waddecar - 'C' Division
1981 - PC 697 Wraith - 'K' Division
1982 - PC 700 Dooley - 'C' Division - Rugby
1983 - PC 2581 Hatton - 'D' Division - Shooting
1984 - WPC 6078 Wittam 'C' Division
1985 - PC 700 Dooley - 'C' Division - Rugby
1986 - PS 333 Taylor - 'C' Division - Athletics
1987 - WPC 6198 Plummer - 'HQ' - Swimming
1988 - PC 5635 Burgess - 'D' Division
1989 - D.Supt R. Webster - 'HQ'
1990 - WPC 6052 Simister - 'A' Division - Swimming
1991 - PC 1282 Burgess - 'D' Division
1992 - PC 1692 Heyes - 'E' Division - Athletics
1993 - Supt C. Armstrong - 'HQ' - Squash
1994 - PC 643 Plummer - 'HQ' - Swimming
Details of each nomination from 1995 on are available by clicking on the respective link:-
1995 - DC Neil Gibson - Tennis
1996 - Mrs Madeline Buckley - Running
1997 - PC Steve Broadbent - Athletics and Running
1998 - PS Dave Newton - Table Tennis
1999 - PC Arthur Marshall - Swimming
2000 - Inspector Wayne Howard - Indoor Rowing
2001 - PC Mark Woolston - Football
2002 - Mrs Susan Harrison/DC David Watkinson - Volleyball/Running
2003 - Inspector Peter Upton - Squash
2004 - DC Ian Hill - Golf
2005 - DC Roy Sinclair - Swimming
2006 - PC John Wiggans - Athletics
2007 - DC David Rimmer - Football
2008 - Inspector Peter Zsigmond - Basketball
2009 - DC Gary Bolton - Cricket
2010 - DC Lisa Walker - Netball
2011 - PC Lisa Whiteside and PS Mark Pearson - Sporting Superstars
2012 - DC Paul Hope - Badminton
2013 - PC Mark Woolston - Squash
2014 - Mrs. Janine Fallon - Running
2015 - CC. Steve Finnigan - Football
2016 - Mr Keith Ashton
2017 - PC 5938 Phil Corris (Retired)

2018 - To be decided - March 2019

Nominations 2018/2019?

'Sports Personality of the Year' Nominations
"Do you know a member of the Club who you would like to nominate for this award?"
The award is intended to recognise a member of the Sports & Social Club, police or support staff who has achieved a particular outstanding sporting performance or performances when playing for Club. This may be during the previous 12 months or over a number of years. It also includes anyone who has given a high degree of dedication, time and commitment to sport in the Constabulary either recently or over a number of years. It could also include someone who has done considerable charity fund-raising through sport activity under the Constabulary banner.

It must be stressed that this is a Club award and it is intended to recognise achievements in primarily sport activities performed under the Constabulary banner. Also, nominees must be a members or honorary member of the Club.
Activities engaged outside police club circles may also be added to support the overall nomination.
To assist with your nomination, the report should include all or some of the following information:
A summary of activity and achievements listed in chronological order up to present day.
These should primarily be police sports events followed by non-police sport events.
Detail of any prestigious sporting achievements - the high-point of the persons/team sporting career.
Any noteworthy sports stories or significant events.
How the member or team has supported the Club in an organisational or supportive manner over the years.
Details of any charity fund-raising done through sport activities.

Details of other club members who support the nomination and their views.
It may be appropriate to actually contact the person you are nominating to expand on more information in support of your report.
Finally, it is acceptable in certain circumstances for an individual to nominate his or herself.

'Sports Team of the Year' Award

"Do you know a Club Team that you would like to nominate for this award?"
This year we are introducing this new award. It is sometimes difficult to nominate one individual for the 'Sports Person' award as often 'the team' have all excelled in their performance in the past year and all worthy of recognision.
If you would like to nominate your team or a team who you are aware have excelled in their performances during the past 12 months then please put them forward. The team name is only required at this stage. If they are successful then we would then ask for a full list of the team members nominated.
The criteria is very much similar to the above Sports Personality.

What Next?
Your nomination should be forwarded to the County Club secretary, Vol. 20785 Steven Broadbent and may be sent by e-mail, as a Word document or on a typed / hand written G43.

The report should be received no later than 7 March 2019. An announcement will be made at the club AGM to be held later in the month and the award will be formally presented by the Chief Constable in May.

E-Mail: Club Secretary
In writing to: 
Sports Personality/Team Award
County Club Secretary
Vol 20785 Steven Broadbent
Police HQ
Closing date 7 March 2019


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