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A Brief History

You are currently navigating Version 5.0 of the Lancashire Constabulary Sports & Social Club website. It has been designed and maintained on a voluntary basis by club secretary SPS Steven Broadbent.

Version 1.0 - First on-line 1996 through to 1999 - My first, basic, attempt at webpage design set in pale purple colours. This was on-line on both internal police systems and the world wide web. Ironically, it was on-line over a year before the Lancashire Constabulary official police force website was launched!

Version 2.0 - On-line 1999 to October 2003 - This design was styled in burgundy colours and had many more features and articles added. Sadly, the site had to be taken off-line in October 2003 as it did not conform to police Intranet corporate colours and dimensions.

Version 3.0 - On-line December 2004 - The site has been restyled in the Lancashire Constabulary corporate blue colours. I have added a number of other improved features. The site is viewable through the police Intranet system and is mirrored on the WWW at or For security and privacy reasons, member and lottery subscriber names are not viewable on the WWW version.

Version 3.1 - July 2007 - The site remains the same as Version 3 but is no longer mirrored on the police server as most police terminals can now access the WWW. The site can be accessed on the web at or As previous, the site excludes member and lottery subscriber lists. These can only be accessed from the internal server by authorised personnel.

Version 4.0 - August 2012 - The site remains the same style as Version 3 but is much smaller in size with many link pages deleted. It was felt that the site was too large with much information stored as being regarded unnecessary. Only important, key and generic information is recorded to ensure the site does not become too cluttered. The new site now sports a more vibrant blue colour scheme!

Version 5.0 - October 2015 - The site remains the same style as Version 4.0 but has been modified again to simply become a useful information point for our members. The Club now has only four divisional clubs. The same vibrant blue colour scheme has not been changed!

To make things difficult, technology moves on and the introduction of Window 8 outlawed MSFrontpage 2001 that I have used for many years. This meant changing the software. 'KompoZer' Software proved to be compatible with most MSFrontpage features though some problems of 'shared border' compatibilty existed. Nevertheless, the software was significantly cheaper than 'dreamWeaver' and for little outlay the site soldiers on offering a basic, readable and informative web platform for our members!!!

Please feel free to e-mail me if you detect any faults or errors in this website.

The Slateman Name

The Slateman name originates from the Lancashire Constabulary Lakeland Slateman Triathlon/Three Peaks events hosted 1993 to 1998. The first Slateman website came on-line in 1994.

The name was derived from the worlds toughest triathlon name Ironman - it was thought appropriate to call our events 'Slateman' as they were staged in the heart of the Lakeland Fells where this tough and hard wearing green/grey mineral is dominant. The police competitors taking part in these gruelling events needed to be tough, hard wearing and definitely pass the test of time!

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