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Runner Profiles


Ms Kathy Winrow - Cumbria Constabulary


Edited May 2007




Kathy Winrow


Police Force


Cumbria Constabulary


Where do you work 


Kendal Police Station


What is your rank and job title 


Civilian Detention Officer


How many years have you been running 


Approx 37 yrs


How many years have you been running in the NPCCL 


Approx 2 1/2 yrs




What makes you keep returning to the Northern Police League each year  


The races, the excellent and sometimes challenging courses, the great social aspect, personal achievement - it gives me something to aim for each winter and the fitness advantages of running cross country give strength and fitness for road racing.


What is the highlight of your running calendar


Thatís a difficult one as I look forward to each of the different events. I like the track and field because it is different by its very nature of events and I have a love of track running which stems back to my school days. I also look forward to the National Cross Country Championships because thatís at the end of the season and is a good test of fitness and some thing to measure the season by. I also look forward to the Police Sport UK 10 mile race because thatís my best distance and itís on the road. 


What other types of running do you do and what other sports


I currently train on the track twice a week and can run distances from 200m up to 1500m. I occasionally run 3,000 m for the club and have been known to run the odd 5,000m but neither are distances I would choose to run on a regular basis. I prefer the sprints 200, 400 and 800m and I am gradually reducing my times over all of these distances.


In the summer I compete for my club Lancaster and Morecambe in the Mid Lancs and Northern Ladies League for track (and x/c in the winter months)

I also compete in road races distances ranging from 5k up to half marathons.


My preferred and best distance is the 10 miles. I have done several marathons in the past but would only now run that distance for a special occasion.


I have toyed with the idea of a triathlon and incorporate swimming into my current training programme


Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside sport 


Painting and drawing, animals especially big game and theatre.


What are your running plans and ambitions for the future


To run more races abroad, to lower all my pb's for road races from 5k to half marathons (as I now go into a new veteran category this year), to run road races which I haven't run before (because I hate hills) and to complete a triathlon.



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