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Altcar MOD Camp, near to Hightown Hotel, Lower Alt Road, L38 0BA


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Runners turn up at the Altcar Training Camp Base they will be directing to parking by the site security.  Sat Nav can be a little hit and miss so it may be best to put in directions for the Hightown Hotel, Lower Alt Road, L38 0BA which is near to the site entrance.  The entrance is clearly sign posted so should be easy to find from there.  There is currently a new housing development going up on the road leading into the site.

Spikes would be suitable because of the parts on road at the start.

The military will give a brief site briefing at their Sports hall and show us a large map of the route which will be well sign posted and have markers for each kilometre.  The Army use this route on their yearly cross country schedule and have given good feedback.


It looks great if not challenging!  The course is a full 10km trail, no loops and all situated on private MOD property.  It takes in various terrains, including a small amount of road, grass and wooded trails.  As you are in Southport there is also a small venture over sand  dunes with a few hundred yards of beach running!

There will be at least 6 volunteers posted around the route to ensure nobody gets lost or more to the point shot as there is a live firing range running that day should anyone take a wrong turn!



There will be ample parking and showering facilities on site.

Ron Scott, the chairman for Southport Waterloo Athletics club is going to assist with time keeping, race numbers etc.  I will also invite club runners to attend as local guest runners if I can get any.  Unfortunately the Army Team canít run with us as they have another event on that day but I will see if there are any other agencies in Merseyside who would like to take part to increase the numbers.


Post Race Meal


Bread rolls and soup will be provided in the sports hall after the race. 



Use sat nav Post Code L38 0BA. This takes you to the High Town Hotel just 100 yards from the entrance to Altcar Camp

Altcar is a large venue so it would be great to get a decent turnout on the day if you could spread the word!


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