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London Marathon



1982 - 2014 - 100 Marathons


1990 - 2014 - 25 Consecutive London's?



Broady's London Marathon

1997 Finish 1This page is dedicated to my 25 Marathon runs. I have been fortunate to compete in this fabulous event since 1990.


The first seven races I hoped to break three hours. However, in 1997, after a change of strategy I reached my goal.


After this my marathon records became (and still are) a 'roller coaster' of highs and lows ranging from 2.54 to 6.14. Each one has a story to tell in some way or other.




On Sunday 13 April 2014 I will run my 25th consecutive London. It will also mark my 100th ever marathon run.


I am running my 25th Marathon for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. I would like to raise £1000. If you would like to donate you can visit my Just Giving Page and pay by credit or debit card.


Click here to donate:








100 Marathons!

No.DateMarathonMileagePlaceCountryWeb PagePSUKPBTimeMPWAscentMilestone
128/10/1982Windermere Marathon26.20 England   04.02.0025  
205/10/1988Berlin Marathon26.20 Germany   03.02.2535  
315/04/1989Rotterdam Marathon26.20 Holland   03.24.0040  
412/04/1990London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.16.3240 LM01
515/04/1991London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.15.2440 LM02
620/09/1991Telford Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.25.0030  
721/04/1992London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.36.0830 LM03
828/09/1992Nottingham Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.26.0030  
924/10/1992Snowdonia Marathon26.20 Wales   03.39.0040  
1018/04/1993London Marathon26.20 England   03.18.4735 LM04
1127/05/1993Lanzorote Ironman Marathon26.20 Spain   04.04.0040  
1226/09/1993Nottingham Marathon26.20 England PSUK  03.26.0035  
1317/04/1994London Marathon26.20 EnglandYesPSUK 03.06.3540 LM05
1425/09/1994Amsterdam Marathon26.20 Holland   03.32.3040  
1505/04/1995London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.25.3740 LM06
1601/06/1995Three Peaks Yacht Race32.00 UK       
1710/09/1995New Forest Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.21.0040  
1820/04/1996London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes   03.46.0020 LM07
1929/09/1996Windsor Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.19.0735  
2013/04/1997London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  2nd02.54.2555 LM08
2125/09/1997Manchester Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.27.0040  
2226/04/1998London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.26.5030 LM09
2318/04/1999London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.05.1445 LM10
2403/05/1999Belfast Marathon26.20 N.Ireland PSUK 03.08.5045  
2502/01/2000Millennium Marathon Leyland26.20 England  PB02.54.1860  
2619/02/2000Frostbite Race28.00 England   08.41.0060  
2716/04/2000London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  3rd02.58.3060 LM11
2820/08/2000Glasgow Marathon26.20 Scotland PSUK  03.10.3045  
2901/10/2000London to Brighton27.00  England       
3001/10/2000London to Brighton55.00  England    07.50.00 45  
3105/11/2000New York Marathon26.20 USA   03.08.5345  
3222/04/2001London Marathon26.2 England   03.21.3025 LM12
3318/08/2001Reykjavik Marathon26.20 IcelandYes  03.02.1954  
3423/09/2001Manchester Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.21.2030  
3514/04/2002London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  06.14.2550 LM13
3606/05/2002Belfast Marathon26.20 N.Ireland PSUK 03.04.2555  
3727/10/2002Venice Marathon26.20 ItalyYes  03.08.5425  
3806/04/2003Paris Marathon26.20 FranceYes  02.55.5460  
3907/04/2003Paris to London Run31.00 France   05.00.00 60  
4008/04/2003Paris to London Run26.50 France   05.00.00 60  
4109/04/2003Paris to London Run32.00 France   05.00.00 60  
4210/04/2003Paris to London Run26.30 France   05.00.00 60  
4311/04/2003Paris to London Run31.00 England   05.00.00 60  
4412/04/2003Paris to London Run26.20 England   05.00.00 60  
4513/04/2003London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.04.3660 LM14
4619/10/2003Abingdon Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.03.0860  
4704/04/2004Paris Marathon26.20 France   03.13.0060  
4818/04/2004London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  04.21.0060 LM15
4923/05/2004Prague Marathon26.20 CzechYes  03.09.0050  
5019/06/2004Midnight Sun Marathon - TromsÝ26.20 Norway   03.28.1450  
5128/11/2004Florence Marathon26.20 ItalyYes  03.23.1530  
5217/04/2005London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.40.0030 LM16
5301/05/2005Avenue of the Giants - California26.20 USA   03.21.0040  
5425/06/2005Tyroleon Speed Marathon26.20 AustriaYes  03.40.1140  
5509/10/2005Cardiff Marathon26.20 WalesYesPSUK 03.14.1560  
5629/05/2004Grand Union Canal Race88.00 England    22.00.00 60  
5704/12/2005Barbados Marathon26.20 CarribeanYes  03.45.3055  
5823/04/2006London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.28.5460 LM17
5907/05/2006Shakespeare Marathon26.20 EnglandYesPSUK 03.21.5360  
6003/06/2006Stockholm Marathon26.20 SwedenYes  03.40.5355  
6124/06/2006GraubŁnden Marathon26.20 SwitzerlandYes  06.14.005010,200 ft 
6222/10/2006Lausanne Marathon26.20 Switzerland   03.29.0045  
6322/04/2007London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.48.1650 LM18
6429/07/2007Swiss Alpine Marathon26.20 Switzerland   05.24.00406000 ft 
6528/10/2007Niagara Falls Marathon26.20 Canada   03.41.4140  
6602/12/2007Luton Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.56.3540  
6701/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.30 


6802/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.60 


6903/04/2008Land's End to London Run36.20 


7004/04/2008Land's End to London Run31.63 England   05.30.0050  
7105/04/2008Land's End to London Run33.50 England   05.30.0050  
7206/04/2008Land's End to London Run29.50 England   05.30.0050  
7307/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.40 England   05.30.0050  
7408/04/2008Land's End to London Run29.03 England   05.30.0050  
7509/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.20 England   05.30.0050  
7610/04/2008Land's End to London Run28.90 England   05.30.0050  
7711/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.20 England   05.30.0050  
7812/04/2008Land's End to London Run26.40 England   05.30.0050  
7913/04/2008London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  04.28.0050 LM19
8027/04/2008Lochaber Marathon26.20 ScotlandYes  04.18.0050  
8118/05/2008Windermere Marathon26.20 England   03.38.0050  
8219/10/2008Palma Majorca Marathon26.20 SpainYes  03.29.3940  
8305/11/2008Mt Everest Challenge Marathon26.20 IndiaYes  05.43.005010,000 ft 
8426/04/2009London Marathon26.20 EnglandYes  03.42.3625 LM20
8528/06/2009Chamonix Mont Blanc26.20 FranceYes  06.22.50358000 ft 
8611/10/2009Leicester Marathon26.20 England PSUK 03.27.1830  
8725/10/2009Venice Marathon26.20 Italy   03.39.5330  
8809/03/2010Del Sahara Marathon - Tunisia26.20 Tunisia   04.06.4040  
8925/04/2010London Marathon26.20 England   03.35.5920 LM21
9017/10/2010Palma Marathon26.20 Spain   03.32.0045  
9130/10/2010Snowdonia Marathon26.20 Wales PSUK 03.36.1755  
9228/11/2010Benidorm Marathon26.20 Spain   03.22.0955  
9317/04/2011London Marathon26.20 England   03.50.4025 LM22
9402/10/2011Mablethorpe Marathon26.20 England PSUK 04.00.2925  
9503/12/2011Death Valley Trail Marathon26.20 USA   04.28.00402500 ft 
9604/12/2011Las Vegas Marathon26.20 USA   03.56.4540  
9722/04/2012London Marathon26.20 England   03.37.0960 LM23
9801/07/2012Coniston Trail Marathon26.20 England   04.17.15403500 ft 
9921/04/2013London Marathon26.20 England   04.48.0020 LM24
10013/04/2014London Marathon26.20 England      LM25


1997 Finish 1

1997 Finish 2

1997 Finish


I would be pleased to chat with anyone about the London Marathon


Please E-Mail me



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