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Work - Monarch Cabin Crew


I have always had an interest in travel and flying generally. A job as airline cabin crew has been an ambition of mine for many years.


I honestly thought I was too old for such a position but in the summer of 2010 I applied to Monarch Airlines for a cabin crew position.


In November 2010, after going through the application process, entrance test and two interviews I was very pleased to be accepted for a position with this excellent and reputable airline.


I am now waiting for a start date for a six week training course and will hopefully start flying in Spring 2011. With the added help of my skills acquired during my 30 year police service I hope that I can carry out my new Cabin Crew role with complete ease and in a professional way. 


I am absolutely over the moon to be accepted for such a position at 50 years old and feel that I am starting a completely new journey on an exciting career path once again!


More updates on my journey (and travels) will follow soon!


7 March 2011 - Induction day - Manchester


18 March 2011 - I start my six week training course at Manchester


27 April 2011 - 'Wings' passing out ceremony



Life in the air - April to October 2011


On Saturday 30 April I worked my first flight. This was a familiarisation flight on the Airbus 321 followed by the A300 then a few days later on a Boeing 757. As additional crew I was able to take off and land seated on the flight deck. A great experience!


I subsequently flew 130 times in a six month season. The whole experience of working for the first time in the air was tremendous, something I will never forget. Looking after passengers and working with countless professional and friendly crew members. The job itself was a real eye opener and no easy task. You are on the go from boarding the aircraft, through turnaround to flying back. I certainly kept very fit during the six months.


On the down side travelling from South Lakes where I live to Manchester was tiring, particularlu on a run of early flights. Saying this however, I only flew three times a week on average though the days could be anything between 10 and 18 hours with my travel time included.



Class IC One 'Wings' Ceremony - 27 April 2011


Flight Data


DateBaseDest CdeDestinationDest CdeBaseAirmilesFly HoursAircraftRegistrationPAX
1Saturday-30-Apr-11MAN PMIPalmaPMIMAN 08:50A321G-OZBF407
2Sunday-01-May-11MAN PVKPVKPVKMAN 08:55A300G-MAJS375
3Monday-02-May-11MAN MAHMahonMAHMAN 08:15A321G-OZBI290
4Tuesday-03-May-11MAN TFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:35A300G-MAJS584
5Monday-09-May-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 08:50A321G-OZBM365
6Tuesday-10-May-11MANCHQCHQCHQMAN 11:15B757G-MONK295
7Wednesday-11-May-11MANLCALarnacaLCAMAN 12:30B757G-MONK390
8Monday-16-May-11MANFAOFaroFAOMAN 09:20A321G-OZBU263
9Tuesday-17-May-11MANDLMDalamanDLMMAN 12:30A321G-OZBU407
10Monday-23-May-11MANMAHMahonMAHMAN 08:45A321G-OZBM351
11Tuesday-24-May-11MANHERHeraklionHERMAN 09:50A321G-OZBH361
12Wednesday-25-May-11MANLCALarnacaLCAMAN 12:30A300G-MONR569
13Friday-27-May-11MANTFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:15A300G-MONR630
14Tuesday-31-May-11MANTFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:15A300G-MONS583
15Thursday-02-Jun-11MANZTHZakinthosZTHMAN 10:30B757G-MONK376
16Saturday-04-Jun-11MANDLMDalamanDLMMAN 12:30A321G-OZBH419
17Sunday-05-Jun-11MANLEILEILEIMAN 09:25A321G-OZBH337
18Sunday-12-Jun-11MANBCNBarcelonaBCNMAN 09:30A321G-OZBP373
19Monday-13-Jun-11MANLPALas PalmasLPAMAN 12:30A321G-OZBP304
20Sunday-19-Jun-11MANPVKPVKPVKMAN 10:45A300G-OJMR697
21Monday-20-Jun-11MANCFUCorfuCFUMAN 10:50A300G-MONS650
22Monday-27-Jun-11MAN MAHMahonMAHMAN 09:15A321G-OZBM389
23Tuesday-28-Jun-11MAN PMIPalmaPMIMAN  08:50A300G-OJMR652
24Thursday-30-Jun-11MANLEILEILEIMAN 09:30A321G-OZBE352
25Wednesday-06-Jul-11MANAGPAGPAGPMAN 09:00A321G-OZBS404
26Thursday-07-Jul-11MANFAOFaroFAOMAN 09:00A321G-OZBO383
27Friday-08-Jul-11MANTFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:00A300G-MONR639
28Saturday-09-Jul-11MANMJTMJTMJTMAN 11:15B757G-MONJ435
29Thursday-14-Jul-11MANZTHZakinthosZTHMAN 11:00B757G-MONK449
30Saturday-16-Jul-11MANFAOFaroFAOMAN 09:20A321G-OZBS283
31Monday-18-Jul-11MANBCNBarcelonaBCNMAN 08:30A321G-OZBO405
32Thursday-21-Jul-11MANLCALarnacaLCAMAN 13:00A320G-OZBB311
33Monday-25-Jul-11MANCFUCorfuCFUMAN 10:00A300G-MONS672
34Thursday-28-Jul-11MANBJVBJVBJVMAN 11:30B757G-MONK371
35Friday-29-Jul-11MANCFUCorfuCFUMAN 10:00A321G-OZBR422
36Wednesday-03-Aug-11MANINNInnsbruckINNMAN 07:45A321G-OZBI399
37Friday-05-Aug-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 08:40A300G-MAJS678
38Sunday-07-Aug-11MANFAOFaroFAOMAN 09:00B757G-MONK407
39Friday-12-Aug-11MANDLMDalamanDLMMAN 12:00A300G-MONR704
40Saturday-13-Aug-11MANAYTAYTAYTMAN 12:00B757G-DAJB440
41Saturday-20-Aug-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 13:00A300G-MONR675
42Sunday-21-Aug-11MANAGPAGPAGPMAN 09:00B757G-DAJB436
43Monday-22-Aug-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 08:00A320G-MRJK323
44Tuesday-23-Aug-11MANAYTAYTAYTMAN 12:00A321G-OZBL374
45Saturday-27-Aug-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 12:00A300G-OJMR660
46Monday-29-Aug-11MANDLMDalamanDLMMAN 12:00A300G-OJMR704
47Saturday-03-Sep-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 12:00A300G-OJMR685
48Sunday-04-Sep-11MANBCNBarcelonaBCNMAN 08:30B757G-DAJB448
49Monday-05-Sep-11MANALCAlicanteALCMAN 09:00A321G-OZBN421
50Tuesday-06-Sep-11MANACEACEACEMAN 09:00A321G-OZBB316
51Wednesday-07-Sep-11MANAYTAYTAYTMAN 09:30A321G-OZBN414
52Monday-12-Sep-11MANCFUCorfuCFUMAN 10:00A300G-MONS664
53Friday-16-Sep-11MANTFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:00A300G-MONS661
54Saturday-17-Sep-11MANAYTAYTAYTMAN 12:00B757G-DAJB367
55Wednesday-21-Sep-11MANLCALarnacaLCAMAN 13:00A300G-OJMR646
56Sunday-25-Sep-11MANALCAlicanteALCMAN 09:00A321G-OZBN393
57Wednesday-28-Sep-11MANALCAlicanteALCMAN 09:00A321G-OZBN396
58Thursday-29-Sep-11MANAGPAGPAGPMAN 09:00A321G-OZBL417
59Monday-03-Oct-11MANCFUCorfuCFUMAN 10:00A300G-MONS325
60Saturday-08-Oct-11LTNPMIPalmaPMIMAN 12:00A300G-MONS506
61Tuesday-11-Oct-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 09:00B757G-MONJ379
62Sunday-16-Oct-11MANPMIPalmaPMIMAN 08:00A321G-OZBM410
63Monday-17-Oct-11MANDLMDalamanDLMMAN 12:00A300G-MONS671
64Saturday-22-Oct-11MANTFSTeneriefeTFSMAN 12:00A321G-OZBH414
65Thursday-27-Oct-11MANSSHSharm-el-ShiekSSHMAN 14:00A300G-MAJS695
        681.10  30,221



Innsbruck left and Sharm-El-Shiek right




I have been offered a contract with Monarch starting April 2012. I will decide in the Spring whether I want to have another interesting and exciting six months in the air again - watch this space!!




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