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London to Brighton Road Race


Sunday 1 October 2000


One of my many running ambitions was to complete the 55 mile London to Brighton race. A distance that I had never completed before in one go. The event is organised by the Road Runners Club who staged an excellent, well organised event that celebrated its 50th anniversary.


My previous attempt was in 1995 when I set off on this epic adventure a little unprepared in terms of distance training and dropped out of the race at 14 miles.


However, five years on I was better prepared - they say ultra running is one big learning curve after all. On the 7th bong of Big Ben I set-off in the dark southbound along Westminster Bridge.


What a tremendous run I had. Excellent conditions, some mist and fog earlier in the day backed with cool sunny conditions later. I tackled the infamous Ditchling Beacon with a vengeance and steamed down into Brighton completing the 55 mile course in 7 hours 50 minutes.


My efforts were assisted by my wife Anne who provided valuable support along the way. There were over 180 starters I was amazed to finish in 23rd place.


I would be pleased to speak to anyone contemplating this superb ultra distance race.


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1Sarel AckermannRentmeester A.C, RSA05:56:50
2Stephen Moore* V50Hertford & Ware A.C06:24:17
3Danny de Chaumont V40Stella A.C, RSA06:33:26
4Ian Anderson*Road Runners Club06:39:19
5Leonidio Rodrigues V45Rand Athletic Club, RSA06:47:20
6Tom Glare* V40Woodstock Harriers06:59:06
7Walter Hill* V45Crawley A.C07:03:47
8Don Ritchie MBE* V55Moray Road Runners07:07:03
9Danielle Sanderson W35Watford Harriers07:07:12
10Karen Bradford W40Varsity Old Boys, RSA07:16:24
11Zachary GrossmanUnattached, USA07:17:36
12Tiago Dioni'stoUnattached, Portugal07:18:26
13Stephen PooleWooton Road Runners07:19:06
14Geoff Farmer* V50Chase Harriers07:29:40
15Wig Grace V45Chamber Running Club, RSA07:35:41
16Andrew Richards* V40Tipton Harriers07:35:41
17Samuel Kilpatrick V40Royal Irish Regt RC07:39:17
18Craig McMillanUnattached, RSA07:40:20
19Steve Thrower* V50Road Runners Club07:40:24
20Paul Taylor V45Woodstock Harriers07:40:44
21Graham Baker* V50Road Runners Club07:43:45
22Ian Little*Wellingboro' & District AC/COCO07:49:01
23Steven Broadbent V40Lancs Constabulary S & SC07:50:26
24Dave Beattie* V50Crawley A.C07:51:04
25Martin Eccles V40100km Association 'A'07:51:20
26David Tull* V55Cambridge Harriers07:53:03
27Agust Kvaran V45HVL,Iceland07:58:13
28Paul Leader V45Celtic Harriers, RSA07:58:22
29Peter Sarson V50Stafford Harriers08:02:17
30Paul Sapsard* V40Redhill & Surrey Beagles A.C08:02:37
31Joe Avery V40Verlea A.C08:03:54
32Stuart Mann* V55Verlea A.C08:03:54
33Simon Van-OrdenEpsom & Ewell Harriers08:04:20
34Adrian Stott* V45Sri Chinmoy A.C08:08:02
35Phil Adams*100km Association 'A'08:09:50
36James GilpinSerpentine Running Club08:10:06
37David RossAthletic North(South Africa)08:10:29
38Gareth Pemberton V45Epsom Oddballs Running Club08:11:29
39Christoph Hoffmann V45LG Wurzburg, Germany08:13:26
40Jolyon Crosthwaite V45Unattached, France08:14:17
41Graham Tucker* V45100km Association 'B'08:14:17
42Hanno Nickau*Headington R. Rs/Germany08:15:31
43Ian Marshall* V50Cambridge Harriers08:16:50
44Hilary Walker* W45Serpentine Running Club08:17:23
45Rod Palmer V55Handy Cross Runners08:19:01
46Simon StodartHaywards Heath Harriers08:21:15
47Tony Maru*Road Runners Club/N.Z08:22:31
48Maurice Pressley* V50Road Runners Club08:23:24
49Greg Jamieson V40Sydney Striders, Australia08:24:01
50Roddy Fisher* V55100km Association 'C'08:24:58
51Bob Emmerson V65Leamington C & A.C08:25:08
52Graham DeCourcy V45Cambridge Harriers08:25:40
53Ed Van BeekAthletics Club Daventria, Holland08:26:39
54Abdel Kader Sidi-Moussa* V40Brighton & Hove A.C08:27:09
55Mark Halls*Brighton & Hove A.C08:34:49
56Michael Hickman V50Handy Cross Runners08:35:05
57Paul Engels V45LLG Laufsport Kevelaer,Germany08:35:34
58John Moore* V65A Runners A.C08:37:29
59Mary Howarth* W45Stell City Striders08:37:38
60Roy Grew* V60100km Association 'B'08:40:48
61Tim Boone* V40A Runners A.C08:42:56
62Martin Ilott*MAFF A.C08:46:13
63Josef Kaufmann V60Unattached, Germany08:49:31
64George Kay* V60Stone Master Marathoners08:52:40
65Andrew Wilmott V55Halstead Road Runners08:53:00
66Joe Brian-Davis* V55Portsmouth Joggers08:53:04
67Rose Leith W35Celtic Harriers, RSA08:53:17
68Jim Mundy* V45Epsom & Ewell Harriers08:53:36
69Gilbert John V45Les Croupiers A.C08:54:36
70Brian CumpstyUnattached08:56:09
71William Slack V45Blackheath Harriers08:56:24
72Richard Cashmore* V60Road Runners Club08:56:36
73James Parker* V55Crawley A.C08:56:51
74Klaus Neumann V45Unattached, Germany08:57:28
75Paul EickertHastings Runners09:03:26
76Roy Barnes* V40Road Runners Club09:03:33
77Glenn CastleCeltic Harriers, RSA09:04:04
78John Turner* V50Blackheath Harriers09:06:31
79Kevin Dwyer* V50Poole A.C09:06:39
80Admas Belilgne W45New York R.R.C, USA09:08:04
81Gary BarnesRiverside Runners St Neots09:08:33
82Sigurdur Gunnsteinsson V55IR, Iceland09:08:44
83Christopher SmithRopsley Road Runners09:08:58
84Martin Hughes* V45Tynedale Harriers09:11:54
85Sandi Moolmam WUnattached, RSA09:12:41
86Dennis Boxall V40Brighton & Hove A.C09:15:47
87Caspar Greeff V65Helderberg  Harriers, RSA09:16:02
88Tim Pollard*Road Runners Club09:16:10
89Alan Lucas V55Abergele Harriers09:16:22
90Raymond Hill V45Pitsea Running Club09:16:35
91Peter Rogers*Dulwich Park Runners09:17:25
92Susan Brewin W35Celtic Harriers, RSA09:19:23
93Gerard Ridder* V55Ron Clarke, Holland09:21:36
94Brigid McMahon W35Unattached09:21:44
95John Perkins* V50Road Runners Club09:22:33
96Kees Albers V45AV Gouda, Holland09:22:55
97Colin Gell*Sale Harriers09:23:46
98Gabriel OosthuizenHaag Atletiek, Holland09:24:28
99Brian Kirkdale V40Hastings Runners09:24:37
100Merv Nutburn* V50Dartford Road Runners09:25:28
101Gina Little W55Plumstead Runners09:25:28
102Rod Dalitz V50Carnethy Hill Running Club09:25:53
103Luke Cunliffe*Road Runners Club09:26:08
104Liz Neville W45Epsom Oddballs Running Club09:26:29
105Graeme Brown V45Epsom Oddballs Running Club09:26:29
106Felix MoserUnattached, Switzerland09:27:14
107David Waterman* V55Maidenhead A.C/COCO09:28:31
108Andy Smith26.2 RRC09:30:06
109Tadeusz Lancucki* V50Veterans A.C09:30:10
110Dave Obelkevich V55Millrose AA N.Y,USA09:30:47
111John Poole* V40Road Runners Club09:31:12
112Timothy Rainey*Sale Harriers09:33:33
113Craig FebruaryUnattached, RSA09:33:41
114Ian HornUnattached, RSA09:33:43
115Bernie Bater*Blackheath Harriers09:34:01
116Andy RobertsUnattached/COCO09:35:10
117Paul Raine V55Phobians Marathon Club, RSA09:35:39
118John Dreyer V50Varsity Old Boys, RSA09:38:10
119Bill Salkeld V40Tring Running Club09:40:09
120 'Smiler' Sid Morrison V55100km Association 'C'09:40:44
121Michael Clarke* V60Road Runners Club09:41:35
122Adam HutchesonUnattached09:43:56
123Sigrid Lomsky W55Unattached, Germany09:44:03
124Theo Bieber V45LG Wuerzburg, Germany09:44:04
125Norman Smith* V45Corby A.C09:44:52
126Brian Farrar* V45Corby A.C09:45:09
127John Gill V50Unattached09:46:24
128John Fulcher* V55Barnet & District A.C09:48:09
129Edward Chapman V45Hastings Runners09:48:43
130John Williams V60Unattached09:49:09
131Christopher Hutcheson V50Unattached09:51:36
132Cathy Quinton W35Brighton & Hove A.C09:51:40
133John Borland* V70Finch Coasters09:51:49
134Morgan Roper WUnattached, USA09:52:09
135Angus Davidson V45Kenilworth Runners/RSA09:53:49
136Ray Kerridge* V40Road Runners Club09:54:00
137John Jarvis* V55Serpentine Running Club09:55:36
138Brigette Stoffberg W35Celtic Harriers, RSA09:56:01
139Joao Carlos Ferreira V40Unattached/Brazil09:58:56
140Andrew Disley V40Unattached09:59:11
141Samuel Fell V55Dulwich Runners AC9.59.59
Graham Ives* V60100kmAssn 'C'/Collegian H,RSA10:00:04
Mike Gaunt* V50Tring Running Club10:09:41
Roger Byrom V40Broadway Ultra Society,USA10:12:49
Raymond Willett V45Riverside Runners St Neots10:12:49
Chris Reed*Dulwich Runners10:32:44
David OrrCambridge Harriers 
Terry ParkinsonBrighton & Hove A.C 
Keith KemptonBurgess Hill Runners 
Steve MurdochBorder Harriers 
Graham WestCrawleyA.C 
Peter Morgan*Road Runners Club 
Anthony Ferriroli*Stragglers A.C 
Penny Brown*Road Runners Club 
Eric Williams*Salford Harriers 
Greg DellWoodstock Harriers 
Paul KentCambridge Harriers 
Stephen Suttle*100km Association 'A' 
Jayne NuttallMr Price Celtic Harriers, RSA 
Peter Bullock*Lichfield Running Club 
Nick Slade*Serpentine Running Club 
David Bryant*Watford Harriers 
John DentSevenoaks A.C 
Scott McDonaldSouthampton Running Club 
Neil RoffLordshill A.C 
Barry SmithDartford Road Runners 
John KilnerUnattached 
Michael McAteer*Corby A.C 
Peter Wirtzfield*Worthing Striders 
John Legge*Orion Harriers 
Ray Hoyle*Watford Harriers 
6am Starters  
David King V40Blackheath Harriers10.14.34
Chris Bridgwater* V55Crawley A.c10.15.55
Dries Groenewald V50Pretoria Marathon Club, RSA10.24.28
Pam Storey* W50Serpentine Running Club10.55.10
Richard Griffin* V45Blackheath Harriers11.29.56
Colin Poole* V60Blackheath Harriers11.29.56
Gareth Griffin*Blackheath Harriers11.29.56
Brian SmithBlackheath Harriers 
Michael MorfeyVeterans A.C/COCO 
Hideo TakanoRoad Runners Club/Japan 
David RutterBrighton & Hove A.C 
Jack FitzgeraldSutton & District A.C 


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