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Cross Country Championships 2011


Beer, East Devon


Wednesday 13 April 2011


Race Report and Results

















Race Report by Sally Broome - PSUK Cross Country Representative

The 2011 Police Sport UK Cross Country Championships were staged by Devon and Cornwall Police in Beer, East Devon, a stunning little seaside fishing village on the Jurassic Coast.  The organisers were blessed with a dry but breezy afternoon with the rain holding off until the men had started; some 320 plus athletes competed over a  challenging and demanding course, a segment of which is used as part of the infamous ‘Grizzly’ series, offering few areas for recovery.

The course was run over mixed terrain, predominantly grass heath land.  The runners had to contend with a sharp decent taking them down to Greater Seaside to run a kilometre stretch along the pebble beach before negotiating a steep climb from the beach up “The Hooken”.

The women ran a distance of 4 plus miles and the men a distance of over 7 miles.

The women’s race started the afternoon’s competition off, setting off at a steady pace across the relatively flat section of the course.  As the ladies ascended the climb from the caravan park to commence the main large lap, Diane Lauder (Lothian & Borders) was at the head of the field closely followed by Natalie Farrow (Lincolnshire) with Christine Howard (Vet 40, Derbyshire) a few metres further back.  These three were then in turn being chased by Sarah Rose (Vet 35, West Midlands) and Jessica Turner (Vet 35, Gloucestershire), who was competing in her first race for over three years. At the top of ‘The Hooken’ (Steep Climb from the beach) Lauder looked and was running strongly having opened up a commanding lead of over two minutes, which she held on to, to complete the race and take her first PSUK national cross country championship title in a time of 34 minutes and 48 seconds. Farrow held onto second place in a time of 36:53 with Howard, holding off the fast finishing challenge from Turnbull, to finish third in 38:04.  Turnbull ran well to finish fourth and take the Veteran 35 championship. Rose in fifth place, second veteran 35, led the West Midlands ladies team to take the Veteran’s team title.    

Other strong performances came from Kate Williams (Vet 50, Northamptonshire) in 9th, Jo Church (Vet 45, Devon & Cornwall) in 21st, Paula Bowden (Vet 40, Devon & Cornwall) in 24th and Jill Sharpe (Vet 55, Leicestershire) in 69th, all who won their respective age groups.

The overall team title was won by the Metropolitan Police, with Fife taking the Minor Forces team title.

In the men’s race they had to negotiate the sharp decent taking them down to Greater Seaside twice.  Just after the men had started their race the weather deteriorated and the rain that had been forecasted for the day started causing the temperature drop.  As the men climbed up from the caravan park for the first time to go onto their final large lap Rob Jackaman and Peter Tucker (both Metropolitan) were leading the field running side by side. These two were being chased by Rob Grantham and Ian Wetherall (Vet 40)(both Cheshire), who in turn were being pursued by Rhys Peters (Metropolitan) , Daniel Rainscourt (Hampshire), Joel Clewitt (Metropolitan), Paul Cardy (Hampshire) and Malcolm Fowler (Vet 45, Cheshire).  Jackaman managed to pull away, putting almost a minute on Tucker to claim his first PSUK national cross country title.  Jackaman completed the race in a time of 45 minutes and 30 seconds.  Tucker was second in 46:20.  Wetherall managed to overhaul his team colleague Grantham as they commenced the run in to the finish line, taking third place in a time of 46:54, just two seconds ahead of Grantham.

Other top performances came from Malcolm Fowler (Vet 45) in 9th place, Kenny MacPherson (Vet 40,Northumbria) in 12th place, Iain Campbell (Vet 50, Metropolitan) in 13th place, Peter Golding (Vet 55, Suffolk) in 20th place and Des Michael (Vet 60, Hertfordshire) in 56th place all winning their respective age categories.

The Metropolitan Police retained the overall championship team title, with Cheshire taking the veterans team title and Gloucestershire taking both the Minor Forces team title and the Minor Forces veteran’s team title.

All competitors are to be congratulated on their efforts and the organisers on a well supported and successful championship.


Results - Men - Course 11km


157JACKAMAN, RobMetropolitanSenior Men04:08.10:45:30
263TUCKER, PeterMetropolitanSenior Men04:12.70:46:20
3260WETHERALL, IanCheshireMale Vet (40-44)04:15.80:46:54
4261GRANTHAM, RobCheshireSenior Men04:16.00:46:56
5100CARDY, PaulHampshireSenior Men04:16.70:47:04
667PETERS, RhysMetropolitanSenior Men04:17.30:47:11
799RAINSCOURT, DanielHampshireSenior Men04:18.30:47:22
856CLEWETT, JoelMetropolitanSenior Men04:18.90:47:28
9259FOWLER, MalcolmCheshireMale Vet (45-49)04:23.20:48:16
10291RILEY, DarrenWest MidlandsMale Vet (45-49)04:24.00:48:24
11143PENNY, MarkKentSenior Men04:26.00:48:46
12221MCPHERSON, KennyNorthumbriaMale Vet (40-44)04:27.60:49:04
1364CAMPBELL, IainMetropolitanMale Vet (50-54)04:28.00:49:08
14272WEBSTER, KarlDerbyshireMale Vet (40-44)04:28.30:49:12
15222TOMLINSON, MattNorthumbriaMale Vet (40-44)04:32.60:49:59
16187MILLER, JamesGloucestershire (M)Senior Men04:33.00:50:03
17255HALL, DavidWest MerciaSenior Men04:33.30:50:07
18209JONES, SteveNorfolk (M)Male Vet (40-44)04:34.20:50:17
1920BREWSTER, BenWiltshire (M)Senior Men04:35.80:50:34
20365GOLDING, PeterSuffolk (M)Male Vet (55-59)04:37.60:50:54
21348MCGHEE, AndrewStrathclydeSenior Men04:38.40:51:03
22223HALL, GeorgeNorthumbriaMale Vet (45-49)04:39.20:51:12
23349WILSON, CameronStrathclydeSenior Men04:39.70:51:17
24271CAULTON, TonyDerbyshireMale Vet (50-54)04:40.90:51:30
25171KING, MarkLeicestershireMale Vet (40-44)04:41.60:51:38
26202ANNING, SamAvon and SomersetMale Vet (55-59)04:42.00:51:43
2761DOOLEY, LeighMetropolitanSenior Men04:43.00:51:54
28346WOOD, ColinSurrey (M)Senior Men04:44.70:52:12
29306DANIELS, AlexDevon and CornwallSenior Men04:45.00:52:15
30262ROBERTSON, MylesCheshireMale Vet (45-49)04:45.40:52:20
31298HUNT, NeilWest MidlandsMale Vet (40-44)04:46.50:52:32
3240LLOYD, RickGreater ManchesterMale Vet (40-44)04:47.60:52:44
33157DIXON, RossDorset (M)Senior Men04:49.10:53:01
34281PITT, StephenWest MidlandsMale Vet (40-44)04:49.40:53:04
35104MAY, DarrellHampshireSenior Men04:50.90:53:20
36135WILLIAMS, IoanGwent (M)Senior Men04:51.60:53:28
37186JONES, DarrenGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (40-44)04:52.00:53:33
38177USHER, WayneGloucestershire (M)Senior Men04:54.00:53:55
39164MEIR, ChrisStaffordshireMale Vet (40-44)04:55.00:54:05
40319JAMES, SimonDevon and CornwallMale Vet (40-44)04:55.70:54:13
41297PYE, AndrewWest MidlandsSenior Men04:56.50:54:22
4212MACDONALD, MacWiltshire (M)Senior Men04:58.10:54:40
43308AKED, JohnDevon and CornwallSenior Men04:58.30:54:42
44289DUNNE, CarlWest MidlandsSenior Men04:58.40:54:43
45282SWAN, PaulWest MidlandsMale Vet (45-49)05:01.20:55:14
46242ATKINSON, JimNottinghamshireSenior Men05:01.80:55:20
47358GARDINER, AndrewSouth WalesSenior Men05:04.40:55:49
48243WILLIAMS, AndyNottinghamshireSenior Men05:04.80:55:53
49333BOOBYER, SimonDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:04.80:55:53
50274PITCHER, DereckDerbyshireMale Vet (40-44)05:05.00:55:56
51307MAHONEY, SteveDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:05.30:55:59
52336SALT, RobertDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:05.90:56:05
53176D'ARCY, BenGloucestershire (M)Senior Men05:06.30:56:10
5436FULTON, DaveGreater ManchesterMale Vet (45-49)05:07.20:56:20
5514EDWARDS, SamWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:08.10:56:30
5686MICHAEL, DesHertfordshireMale Vet (60+)05:08.60:56:35
5754FORDER, TonyMetropolitanMale Vet (50-54)05:08.80:56:37
58230CLARKE, PaulDyfed Powys (M)Senior Men05:09.00:56:40
59208ZOLLER, GaryNorfolk (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:11.00:57:02
60326BULLOCK, RichDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:11.80:57:10
61167PARKER, IanLeicestershireMale Vet (45-49)05:12.40:57:17
62352URQUART, RobertStrathclydeSenior Men05:13.00:57:24
635BOND, RogerFife (M)Senior Men05:13.00:57:24
6411LEE, RickyWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:13.50:57:29
65206SHANAHAN, PaulAvon and SomersetMale Vet (50-54)05:14.10:57:36
66210BARNARD, KrisNorfolk (M)Senior Men05:15.00:57:45
67355DIFFEY, JohnSouth WalesMale Vet (45-49)05:15.20:57:48
68241WHITT, GrahamNottinghamshireSenior Men05:15.60:57:52
69184WOOD, DaveGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:16.00:57:56
70172GREGORY, RobertLeicestershireMale Vet (40-44)05:16.50:58:02
7144CLEWORTH, AndyGreater ManchesterSenior Men05:16.80:58:05
72360MCLEAN, AlistairLothian and BordersMale Vet (45-49)05:16.80:58:05
73219BRAY, KevinNorthumbriaMale Vet (50-54)05:16.80:58:05
74216BARNARD, StuartNorfolk (M)Senior Men05:17.30:58:11
75351MCCRAE, GordonStrathclydeSenior Men05:17.50:58:13
76220HALL, DaveNorthumbriaMale Vet (50-54)05:17.60:58:14
7788HAGUE, SteveHertfordshireMale Vet (40-44)05:18.00:58:18
78200PARSONS, AndrewAvon and SomersetMale Vet (40-44)05:18.70:58:26
79310CHALK, JosephDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:20.00:58:41
80293INGLEBY, SteveWest MidlandsMale Vet (45-49)05:21.00:58:51
8134EVANS, MarkGreater ManchesterMale Vet (45-49)05:22.40:59:07
82183FOSTER-TURNER, JerryGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:23.60:59:20
8333LAWTON, BryanGreater ManchesterMale Vet (45-49)05:24.10:59:26
84343STAMP, MikeDevon and CornwallMale Vet (40-44)05:24.50:59:30
8513STEVENSON, RichWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:24.60:59:31
86224STEER, DaveDyfed Powys (M)Male Vet (40-44)05:25.90:59:45
8773CONCANNON, KevinMetropolitanMale Vet (50-54)05:26.40:59:51
8865SAMUEL, JonMetropolitanMale Vet (45-49)05:26.60:59:53
89253DYSON, GrahamWest YorkshireMale Vet (40-44)05:27.00:59:58
90362DOWNIE, MarkLothian and BordersMale Vet (40-44)05:27.21:00:00
9160HARDING, RobMetropolitanMale Vet (45-49)05:28.01:00:08
9280WILLIS, KenNorthamptonshire (M)Male Vet (55-59)05:28.11:00:10
93170MALLOY, DuncanLeicestershireMale Vet (45-49)05:28.31:00:12
94247MARSHALL, JonNottinghamshireSenior Men05:28.51:00:14
95178SKELTON, PeterGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (50-54)05:28.71:00:16
96337LINDEN, RoyDevon and CornwallSenior Men05:30.11:00:32
97204ROWE, StephenAvon and SomersetMale Vet (50-54)05:30.91:00:40
98369SPENCER, ChristopherKentSenior Men05:31.11:00:43
99145CHAMPION, StuartKentMale Vet (45-49)05:32.71:01:00
100366JACKSON, DickMetropolitanMale Vet (40-44)05:35.01:01:25
101344FROST, BarryDevon and CornwallMale Vet (50-54)05:35.41:01:30
102350PETRIE, CampbellStrathclydeSenior Men05:35.61:01:32
103249GILBERT, PeterNottinghamshireMale Vet (50-54)05:36.51:01:42
10416WOOLEY, PaulWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:36.91:01:46
105356RUSSELL, KevinSouth WalesMale Vet (50-54)05:37.01:01:48
106292HARRIS, SteveWest MidlandsMale Vet (50-54)05:38.21:02:01
107126JACKSON, PaulGwent (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:38.91:02:08
10892BUTTLEMAN, JimHertfordshireMale Vet (45-49)05:39.11:02:11
109248BEEBE, TomNottinghamshireSenior Men05:39.31:02:13
11058MAWDESLEY, IanMetropolitanSenior Men05:40.01:02:20
111207LADDIMAN, PeteNorfolk (M)Male Vet (50-54)05:40.91:02:30
112254MERRIFIELD, PeterWest YorkshireMale Vet (50-54)05:41.01:02:32
11338CORNS, GaryGreater ManchesterSenior Men05:41.61:02:38
114321REYNOLDS, GrahamDevon and CornwallMale Vet (45-49)05:42.11:02:44
115263CAITENS, NeilCheshireSenior Men05:43.01:02:54
11643BENTLEY, JimGreater ManchesterMale Vet (50-54)05:43.81:03:02
1176GUDGEON, MikeFife (M)Senior Men05:44.11:03:06
11817PERRETT, RoyWiltshire (M)Male Vet (50-54)05:44.41:03:09
119334PERKINS, JimDevon and CornwallMale Vet (45-49)05:44.81:03:13
120133THOMAS, MathewGwent (M)Senior Men05:44.91:03:14
12123POOLE, DanWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:45.71:03:23
122189NELSON, WillLancashireSenior Men05:46.61:03:33
123275JACKSON, IanDerbyshireMale Vet (45-49)05:47.21:03:40
124188MCCRIMMON, AlisdairGloucestershire (M)Senior Men05:47.61:03:44
12529TAYLOR, WillWiltshire (M)Senior Men05:48.11:03:50
126287WMP RunnerWest MidlandsSenior Men05:48.51:03:54
127211JOHNSTONE, CraigNorfolk (M)Senior Men05:49.11:04:01
128128MARINER, AndrewGwent (M)Male Vet (40-44)05:49.41:04:04
129236GUILFOYLE, TimWarwickshire (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:49.61:04:06
13018BOWERBANK, PeteWiltshire (M)Male Vet (50-54)05:49.81:04:08
131205KNIGHT, MalcolmAvon and SomersetMale Vet (60+)05:50.01:04:10
132140MOODY, AdrianKentMale Vet (45-49)05:50.11:04:12
13352HORTON, GrahamThames ValleyMale Vet (40-44)05:51.11:04:23
134256HAWKINS, MarkWest MerciaMale Vet (40-44)05:52.71:04:40
135101WILLIAMS, AndrewHampshireMale Vet (45-49)05:53.21:04:46
136347EDWARDS, JonSurrey (M)Male Vet (40-44)05:54.61:05:01
137182SMITH, RichardGloucestershire (M)Senior Men05:55.61:05:12
13839WRIGHT, AndyGreater ManchesterMale Vet (50-54)05:56.01:05:17
139179FLANNERY, MarcGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (50-54)05:56.31:05:20
140244ANDERSON, PaulNottinghamshireSenior Men05:57.41:05:32
141311RICHARDS, KevDevon and CornwallMale Vet (45-49)05:57.41:05:32
142155CARD, AlanDorset (M)Male Vet (45-49)05:57.81:05:36
143139ADELSBERG, SteveKentMale Vet (55-59)05:58.01:05:39
144341BUCKLEY, CraigDevon and CornwallMale Vet (45-49)05:58.01:05:39
14553HUGHES, RichardThames ValleySenior Men05:58.21:05:41
14626CHANDLER, TimWiltshire (M)Senior Men06:00.01:06:01
147181WAND, PeteGloucestershire (M)Male Vet (50-54)06:00.81:06:09
148320PEARSON, DonDevon and CornwallMale Vet (50-54)06:01.71:06:19
149112QUAEY, CharlesEssexMale Vet (40-44)06:03.81:06:42
15042CORRIGAN, JimGreater ManchesterSenior Men06:07.51:07:23
15122BARKER, CliveWiltshire (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:08.11:07:30
1527KINSELL, AndyFife (M)Senior Men06:08.91:07:38
15315THOMPSON, MarkWiltshire (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:09.01:07:39
15446PATTISON, NeilHumbersideMale Vet (40-44)06:09.31:07:43
155169KEARNS, JohnLeicestershireMale Vet (45-49)06:09.61:07:46
156290MALLINSON, RichardWest MidlandsSenior Men06:10.01:07:50
157332ARSCOTT, NathanDevon and CornwallSenior Men06:10.01:07:50
158238NOWN, DavidWarwickshire (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:12.31:08:16
159111WALKER, DerekEssexSenior Men06:12.91:08:22
16087PARSONS, FrankHertfordshireMale Vet (55-59)06:13.41:08:28
161156BARNETT, PaulDorset (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:16.41:09:01
16221GRANGER, PaulWiltshire (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:16.81:09:05
163279HANSON, ChristopherWest MidlandsSenior Men06:17.11:09:09
164168PLUMB, SteveLeicestershireMale Vet (45-49)06:17.31:09:11
165113JACKSON, JohnEssexMale Vet (45-49)06:18.01:09:19
166102ROULSTON, GregHampshireMale Vet (50-54)06:18.91:09:28
16745ALTOFT, StuartHumbersideMale Vet (45-49)06:19.41:09:34
168269LOFTUS, KevinDerbyshireMale Vet (50-54)06:21.41:09:56
169116MACKENZIE, JohnEssexMale Vet (55-59)06:21.91:10:01
170103NICHOLS, DerekHampshireMale Vet (50-54)06:22.01:10:03
171115JEZZARD, IanEssexSenior Men06:25.21:10:38
17224BRAITHWAITE, MarkWiltshire (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:25.71:10:43
173342NYE, JimDevon and CornwallMale Vet (40-44)06:25.81:10:44
17450WILLIAMS, GranvilleThames ValleyMale Vet (40-44)06:27.51:11:03
1753DOUGAN, JohnFife (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:29.31:11:23
176203MAINSTONE, PeteAvon and SomersetMale Vet (55-59)06:32.21:11:55
177264MORRISS, AdrianCheshireMale Vet (45-49)06:33.01:12:04
178185GRIFFITHS, JoshuaGloucestershire (M)Senior Men06:34.91:12:24
179226MORGAN, DewiDyfed Powys (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:35.01:12:26
180195SHOLICAR, SteveLancashireSenior Men06:36.51:12:42
181201SAYERS, AndyAvon and SomersetMale Vet (60+)06:37.51:12:53
18291WISE, MickHertfordshireMale Vet (55-59)06:40.11:13:22
183250ELMORE, MattNottinghamshireSenior Men06:42.01:13:43
184227COCKWELL, SteveDyfed Powys (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:43.01:13:53
185129NEW, StephenGwent (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:43.81:14:02
186212FLOWER, MikeNorfolk (M)Senior Men06:45.11:14:17
187331HALL, MalcolmDevon and CornwallMale Vet (50-54)06:51.41:15:26
18841WOOD, DaveGreater ManchesterMale Vet (45-49)06:52.21:15:35
189330HODGES, JamesDevon and CornwallMale Vet (40-44)06:53.21:15:46
190325DENNING, SimonDevon and CornwallMale Vet (40-44)06:53.21:15:46
191312PAGE, AdrianDevon and CornwallMale Vet (60+)06:53.61:15:50
192191PORTER, MarkLancashireSenior Men06:54.01:15:54
193299CHAPMAN, DaveWest MidlandsMale Vet (60+)06:54.31:15:58
194162PARKER, AndyStaffordshireMale Vet (60+)06:54.81:16:03
195114LING, JimEssexMale Vet (50-54)06:55.41:16:10
19649ALLEN, MattThames ValleySenior Men06:56.01:16:16
19796PARSON, AndrewBedfordshire (M)Male Vet (40-44)06:56.51:16:22
198134WILKINSON, IanGwent (M)Male Vet (45-49)06:57.41:16:32
199146YOUNG, AlexKentMale Vet (40-44)06:58.01:16:39
200288JONES, GlynWest MidlandsMale Vet (60+)06:59.01:16:50
201132STEPHENS, LeeGwent (M)Senior Men06:59.31:16:53
20219AUBURN, PeteWiltshire (M)Male Vet (50-54)07:00.61:17:07
203147MOORE, MelKentMale Vet (45-49)07:01.41:17:16
204131PROSSER, ColinGwent (M)Male Vet (45-49)07:02.21:17:25
205124BROOME, TyroneGwent (M)Male Vet (45-49)07:03.21:17:36
206245BODDY, PeteNottinghamshireMale Vet (40-44)07:11.31:19:05
20789AMOS, AndrewHertfordshireMale Vet (45-49)07:14.41:19:39
208258BAILEY, DavidWest MerciaSenior Men07:14.81:19:43
20995ONWUCHEKWA, BarryBedfordshire (M)Senior Men07:21.31:20:55
210196BROWN, IvanLancashireSenior Men07:24.01:21:25
211130O'DRISCOLL, ChrisGwent (M)Male Vet (40-44)07:26.61:21:53
212231WRIGHT, MarcusDyfed Powys (M)Senior Men07:30.01:22:31
213190MURRAY, BillLancashireMale Vet (60+)07:32.31:22:56
214233BENNETT, MichaelWarwickshire (M)Male Vet (50-54)07:37.01:23:48
21598LAWLEY, PeterBedfordshire (M)Male Vet (50-54)08:00.31:28:04
21694HERN, PeterHertfordshireMale Vet (60+)08:31.21:33:44
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.   
Total number of entries: 260    
Total number of finishers: 216    
CategoryPercentage   Number
Senior Men38.43%   83
V40-4939.81%   86
V50+ 21.76%   47


Results - Women - Course 7.5km


1364LAUDER, DianneLothian and BordersSenior Female04:38.40:34:48
2123FARROW, NatalieLincolnshire (M)Senior Female04:55.00:36:53
3277HOWARD, ChristineDerbyshireFemale Vet (40-44)05:04.50:38:04
4175TURNBULL, JessicaGloucestershire (M)Female Vet (35-39)05:05.80:38:14
5305ROSE, SarahWest MidlandsFemale Vet (35-39)05:18.50:39:49
6174RYAN, LorraineGloucestershire (M)Female Vet (35-39)05:21.40:40:11
777GREEN, SarahMetropolitanSenior Female05:22.50:40:19
879RAVENHILL, JoMetropolitanSenior Female05:24.10:40:31
982WILLIAMS, KateNorthamptonshire (M)Female Vet (50-54)05:25.20:40:39
1072MCHUGH, SharonMetropolitanFemale Vet (35-39)05:30.20:41:17
11301BLAKEMAN, DeborahWest MidlandsFemale Vet (35-39)05:30.60:41:20
12109MELHUISH, RachelHampshireFemale Vet (35-39)05:34.90:41:52
13353FORSYTH, KarlynStrathclydeSenior Female05:35.30:41:55
1469FOSTER, LouiseMetropolitanSenior Female05:37.80:42:14
15359BIDDLECOMBE, ClareSouth WalesFemale Vet (35-39)05:38.10:42:16
169MACINTYRE, JacquelineFife (M)Senior Female05:44.60:43:05
17363WATT, LisaLothian and BordersSenior Female05:47.00:43:23
18106BALFOUR, GailHampshireSenior Female05:47.80:43:29
19354WOJCIK, NatalieStrathclydeSenior Female05:49.80:43:44
2076JOHNSTON, SamMetropolitanSenior Female05:50.10:43:46
21313CHURCH, JoDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (45-49)05:52.40:44:03
22166KEMP, KatrinaLeicestershireFemale Vet (50-54)05:56.10:44:31
2378REEVES, KatherineMetropolitanFemale Vet (35-39)05:57.70:44:43
24339BOWDEN, PaulaDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (40-44)05:58.10:44:46
25160WILNE, DeborahStaffordshireFemale Vet (35-39)05:58.90:44:52
26304REAY, AmandaWest MidlandsFemale Vet (40-44)05:59.20:44:54
27137TAGG, SusanGwent (M)Female Vet (40-44)05:59.20:44:54
28225NIX, DeeDyfed Powys (M)Female Vet (40-44)06:02.00:45:15
298KINSELL, SallyFife (M)Senior Female06:03.80:45:29
3010WILSON, JoannaFife (M)Senior Female06:04.40:45:33
31300CLEMENT, SophieWest MidlandsFemale Vet (35-39)06:05.20:45:39
32199ROBERTSON, KerstenAvon and SomersetFemale Vet (40-44)06:05.20:45:39
33159DEVONPORT, ClareStaffordshireFemale Vet (35-39)06:05.40:45:41
3471PARKER, LauraMetropolitanFemale Vet (40-44)06:05.60:45:42
35303MONAGHAN, KellyWest MidlandsSenior Female06:05.70:45:43
3647PATERSON, LorraineHumbersideFemale Vet (35-39)06:09.80:46:14
3784SINGLETON, VeronicaHertfordshireFemale Vet (50-54)06:10.20:46:17
38268MURPHY, CiaraCheshireFemale Vet (35-39)06:11.00:46:23
39108PURSER, AmandaHampshireFemale Vet (40-44)06:11.40:46:26
40192LAWLER, LauraLancashireFemale Vet (40-44)06:13.00:46:38
41314RANDALL-JOHNSON, PollyDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (45-49)06:14.00:46:45
42265VAN ROOYEN, PatriciaCheshireFemale Vet (35-39)06:14.90:46:52
43197MILLS, JudyAvon and SomersetFemale Vet (50-54)06:15.20:46:54
44278HAMILTON, DianeDerbyshireFemale Vet (40-44)06:17.80:47:14
4570HORSWOOD, KarenMetropolitanFemale Vet (45-49)06:20.90:47:37
4675BREEN, AngelaMetropolitanSenior Female06:22.50:47:49
4727CALWAY, NickyWiltshire (M)Senior Female06:24.60:48:05
48324ROBINSON, DianeDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (40-44)06:25.30:48:10
49252SIDDALL, MelanieWest YorkshireFemale Vet (45-49)06:28.00:48:30
5085HERN, SarahHertfordshireSenior Female06:29.00:48:38
51148MATTHEWS, ToniKentFemale Vet (35-39)06:29.40:48:41
5283LEE, JoanneNorthamptonshire (M)Senior Female06:31.20:48:54
53266POOLE, SusanCheshireFemale Vet (40-44)06:34.50:49:19
54217YOUDEN, SallyNorthumbriaSenior Female06:34.80:49:21
5581MOUTRIE, MadeleineNorthamptonshire (M)Female Vet (45-49)06:36.40:49:33
56237OAKLEY, SamWarwickshire (M)Female Vet (40-44)06:38.00:49:45
5774JAMES, SarahMetropolitanSenior Female06:40.80:50:06
58150NICHOLLS, TracyKentFemale Vet (40-44)06:42.60:50:20
59107ENGLEY, HeatherHampshireFemale Vet (35-39)06:45.60:50:42
60328MUNDY, RuthDevon and CornwallSenior Female06:47.70:50:58
61119QUINLIVAN, TinaEssexSenior Female06:52.40:51:33
62317OLIVER, DominiqueDevon and CornwallSenior Female06:57.00:52:08
63323EVANS, KirstyDevon and CornwallSenior Female07:02.60:52:50
64302PURCELL, FayeWest MidlandsFemale Vet (35-39)07:03.80:52:59
6532RUFFELL, VerityWiltshire (M)Senior Female07:04.20:53:02
66239MERRIMAN, RachelWarwickshire (M)Senior Female07:05.80:53:14
67235GILBERT, KatherineWarwickshire (M)Senior Female07:05.80:53:14
68318ADCOCK, JuliaDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (45-49)07:11.30:53:55
69165SHARPE, JillLeicestershireFemale Vet (55+)07:14.00:54:15
70251MITCHELL, HeatherWest YorkshireFemale Vet (55+)07:20.00:55:00
71151FILMER, CarolineKentFemale Vet (40-44)07:22.00:55:15
72240MCKENZIE, VictoriaWarwickshire (M)Senior Female07:23.00:55:23
73267ASTON, LindaCheshireSenior Female07:24.80:55:36
74213CRANE, DawnNorfolk (M)Senior Female07:25.60:55:42
75136BORLEY, SarahGwent (M)Female Vet (45-49)07:26.90:55:52
7651HALL, VanessaThames ValleySenior Female07:30.60:56:20
77214FLOWER, HazelNorfolk (M)Female Vet (35-39)07:32.00:56:30
78340DAVIES, CarlyDevon and CornwallSenior Female07:33.00:56:38
79234BOTTRILL, LauraWarwickshire (M)Senior Female07:35.30:56:55
80120POLLARD, AmandaEssexFemale Vet (35-39)07:37.00:57:08
81215MOORE, JanNorfolk (M)Female Vet (45-49)08:03.81:00:29
82194HARRISON, SueLancashireFemale Vet (55+)08:05.61:00:42
83118LAWRENCE, LizEssexSenior Female08:06.51:00:49
8431LYNCH, LauraWiltshire (M)Senior Female08:07.01:00:53
8530MCDONALD, KirstyWiltshire (M)Senior Female08:07.71:00:58
86149GILHAM, WendyKentFemale Vet (45-49)08:28.51:03:34
87322HALL, JacquelineDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (50-54)08:29.41:03:41
88121MICHAEL, ElaineEssexFemale Vet (50-54)08:29.41:03:41
8990CLARE, JoeHertfordshireMale Vet 7008:29.71:03:43
90193REED, VictoriaLancashireSenior Female08:33.71:04:13
91117PEARCE, CharlotteEssexSenior Female09:15.41:09:26
92316CARROLL, JaneDevon and CornwallFemale Vet (35-39)09:28.61:11:05
93228THOMAS, EdithDyfed Powys (M)Senior Female09:33.41:11:41
94229JONES, NatashaDyfed Powys (M)Senior Female09:33.41:11:41
95122BOWERS, PaulineEssexFemale Vet (50-54)10:24.61:18:05
Provisional Results for All Competitors in finish order.   
Total number of entries: 110    
Number of female entries: 109    
Number of male entries: 1    
Total number of finishers: 95    
CategoryPercentage   Number
Senior Women42.11%   40
V35-44 36.84%   35
V45+ 20.00%   19
Male V701.05%   1a


Teams - Men


PositionTeamScoreTimeNameCategoryR. No.Race Position
 10:45:30JACKAMAN, RobSenior Men571
 20:46:20TUCKER, PeterSenior Men632
 60:47:11PETERS, RhysSenior Men676
 80:47:28CLEWETT, JoelSenior Men568
 130:49:08CAMPBELL, IainMale Vet (50-54)6413
 270:51:54DOOLEY, LeighSenior Men6127
2West Midlands205     
 100:48:24RILEY, DarrenMale Vet (45-49)29110
 310:52:32HUNT, NeilMale Vet (40-44)29831
 340:53:04PITT, StephenMale Vet (40-44)28134
 410:54:22PYE, AndrewSenior Men29741
 440:54:43DUNNE, CarlSenior Men28944
 450:55:14SWAN, PaulMale Vet (45-49)28245
3Devon and Cornwall264     
 290:52:15DANIELS, AlexSenior Men30629
 400:54:13JAMES, SimonMale Vet (40-44)31940
 430:54:42AKED, JohnSenior Men30843
 490:55:53BOOBYER, SimonSenior Men33349
 510:55:59MAHONEY, SteveSenior Men30751
 520:56:05SALT, RobertSenior Men33652
4Gloucestershire (M)295     
 160:50:03MILLER, JamesSenior Men18716
 370:53:33JONES, DarrenMale Vet (40-44)18637
 380:53:55USHER, WayneSenior Men17738
 530:56:10D'ARCY, BenSenior Men17653
 690:57:56WOOD, DaveMale Vet (45-49)18469
 820:59:20FOSTER-TURNER, JerryMale Vet (45-49)18382
 30:46:54WETHERALL, IanMale Vet (40-44)2603
 40:46:56GRANTHAM, RobSenior Men2614
 90:48:16FOWLER, MalcolmMale Vet (45-49)2599
 300:52:20ROBERTSON, MylesMale Vet (45-49)26230
 1151:02:54CAITENS, NeilSenior Men263115
 1771:12:04MORRISS, AdrianMale Vet (45-49)264177
6Wiltshire (M)369     
 190:50:34BREWSTER, BenSenior Men2019
 420:54:40MACDONALD, MacSenior Men1242
 550:56:30EDWARDS, SamSenior Men1455
 640:57:29LEE, RickySenior Men1164
 850:59:31STEVENSON, RichSenior Men1385
 1041:01:46WOOLEY, PaulSenior Men16104
7Greater Manchester434     
 320:52:44LLOYD, RickMale Vet (40-44)4032
 540:56:20FULTON, DaveMale Vet (45-49)3654
 710:58:05CLEWORTH, AndySenior Men4471
 810:59:07EVANS, MarkMale Vet (45-49)3481
 830:59:26LAWTON, BryanMale Vet (45-49)3383
 1131:02:38CORNS, GarySenior Men38113
8Norfolk (M)455     
 180:50:17JONES, SteveMale Vet (40-44)20918
 590:57:02ZOLLER, GaryMale Vet (45-49)20859
 660:57:45BARNARD, KrisSenior Men21066
 740:58:11BARNARD, StuartSenior Men21674
 1111:02:30LADDIMAN, PeteMale Vet (50-54)207111
 1271:04:01JOHNSTONE, CraigSenior Men211127
 460:55:20ATKINSON, JimSenior Men24246
 480:55:53WILLIAMS, AndySenior Men24348
 680:57:52WHITT, GrahamSenior Men24168
 941:00:14MARSHALL, JonSenior Men24794
 1031:01:42GILBERT, PeterMale Vet (50-54)249103
 1091:02:13BEEBE, TomSenior Men248109
 50:47:04CARDY, PaulSenior Men1005
 70:47:22RAINSCOURT, DanielSenior Men997
 350:53:20MAY, DarrellSenior Men10435
 1351:04:46WILLIAMS, AndrewMale Vet (45-49)101135
 1661:09:28ROULSTON, GregMale Vet (50-54)102166
 1701:10:03NICHOLS, DerekMale Vet (50-54)103170
 250:51:38KING, MarkMale Vet (40-44)17125
 610:57:17PARKER, IanMale Vet (45-49)16761
 700:58:02GREGORY, RobertMale Vet (40-44)17270
 931:00:12MALLOY, DuncanMale Vet (45-49)17093
 1551:07:46KEARNS, JohnMale Vet (45-49)169