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This website is maintained on a voluntary basis by the County Club secretary Steve Broadbent. Please feel free to contact me

Latest Club News in Brief

Proposed Club Merge and Creation of a paid Club Coordinater Role

An Extraordinary General Meeting took place on 18 November 2020 and the committee agreed to three significant changes from 1 January 2021:

The Club will be renamed 'Sports & Wellbing Club'

The Club will become 'one Club' and the four Divisional Clubs will be devolved as one.

The Club will fund a new paid 'Club Coordinator' and 'Club Finance' post. Both will be paid posts and advertised in due course.

Note: Club subscriptions will remain at 3 - HQ, 2.00 - East, 2.25 - West 2.75 - South - A single subscription will be decided at the Club AGM in March 2021.

Retirement of Current County Club Secretary

The current volunteer Club Secretary, Steve Broadbent will retire from the post after 25 years on 31 March 2021.

Steve will continue his role as Athletics and Running lead and manage the Northern Police XC League and British Police Fell Race as well as remain on the Club Committee.

Club AGM

The Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 11 March 2021

Website Privacy Notice


Any names or images of members included in this website have given their permission to be included.

We respect the privacy of competitors. Should any individual wish to be excluded from this website then please email me?


 Contact: Steve Broadbent


Website Under Construction

Important Notice

Apologies! This website has now been reduced in size as a new website is under constuction.

The new site will allow all members to log-in securely and obtain information about the Club.

They will also be able to opt into being notified about sport and social activities and also view current lottery winners.

The site is due to be launced early 2021. The launch was planned for 2020 but has been delayed for a number of reasons.

Club Lottery

We currently have seven monthly prizes:









 If you wish to increase or decrease the number of chances you have then click here to email your request to the lottery manager.


Each chance costs 70p a month and you may take up to 25 chances.


Latest Club Lottery Winners

We now only publish the lottery winners on the internal Intranet website Sherlock. These can be found by going to the A to Z index and search for Sports & Social Club.

All winners prior to this going back to year 2000 are available to view on request from the Club Secretary - Email Request

The list of winners will be sent at the discretion of the lottery manager on request of any current or past player.

Details of the monthly winners are sent quarterly by email to every player who subscribes.

Club and Lottery Membership

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You are one step away from joining a Divisional Club or subscribe to the Club Lottery. Simply email us from your internal Lancashire police address by:


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Please include the Divisional Club you wish to join and your 'collar number'.


Lottery Subscription


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You don't need to be a member of the Club! Please include the number of chances you wish to take and your 'collar number'. Each chance costs 70p.

In both cases an acknowledgement will be sent confirming your request. That's all you need to do!


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to all  members of the Club


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