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Track & Field Championships 2014












Hosted by Metropolitan Police


Wednesday 11 June 2014 


Uxbridge Stadium - London


Download details (MSWord)


Download Entry Form (MSWord)


Download Tug of War Entry Form (MSWord)



Event Details


The 2014 Police Sport UK Track & Field and Tug of War Championships will take place in Uxbridge, Middlesex on Wednesday the 11th of June 2014.  


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Accommodation / Event HQ is Brunel University, Uxbridge


A reception point will be set up in the accommodation reception area of the University. The Brunel University address is Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH. All rooms are single occupancy.


Accommodation is to be booked direct with the University.


This detail will be circulated in the near future.


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Directions and Travel Arrangements


Apologies but WE WILL NOT be able to pick people up. Due to being given this event at late notice, we have been unable to secure external funding in order to assist with transport.


By Train & Tube: If you travel by train to Central London. It is then a 40 minute tube ride to Uxbridge. Uxbridge Tube station is on the Metropolitan Line. The tube station is only a couple of bus stops from the University or a 10 minute walk. There are numerous bus routes from Uxbridge to University as so close. Tube station comes out to bus station.


By Air: Heathrow airport for those flying is within a few miles of the venue. The U3 bus goes from Heathrow to Brunel University.


By Road: Once nearing London, M25 Jct 16 meets the M40. This is the best route into Uxbridge. As the road changes to the A40 there will be an exit for Ruislip and Uxbridge. This is the Swakeleys exit due to name of the roundabout. (it is the 2nd exit for Ruislip and Uxbridge). It is the 3rd exit at the roundabout towards Uxbridge on the B483. (This takes you past the Track). Continue straight over the next roundabout. At the next roundabout you take the 1st exit along the Uxbridge Road. (The RAF Base should be on your left). After the traffic lights you go onto the right filter and turn right onto Kingston Lane.


 Police Sport UK Entry


The entry fee will be £15 for each competitor’s first event. Any additional events will be £5 each. Team relay entries will be £15 for each team. Please see separate entry form for Tug of War. As per previous events £90 per team plus £15 per extra event.


All Cheques are to be made payable to “MPAC”


The entry form is attached with this document.


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Prizes/Trophies                                                                                                       


Police Sport UK Championships


We will give prizes to the first 3 in each Track & Field discipline. It is the intention to run one 5000m race for men. Prizes for the relevant categories will then come from that race. Please declare on the entries as to which race you are entering for Prize purposes.


Can all ensure the return of annual trophies, clean and engraved.


Presentations will take place shortly after the completion of the respective finals.


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Qualification


Competitors must be 18 or over to compete. All police competitors must be fully paid members of their respective force sports clubs and be police officer, police staff, retired police/police staff or member of the Special Constabulary. This event is for Police employees only.


Any number of competitors from any force may participate and there shall be no limit to the number of events a competitor may enter. In any relay event only one team from each force may win a prize.


All athletes must wear their force colours. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.



http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Closing Date


The closing date will be 8th of May. No late entries will be accepted. Entries are to be with me as per contact details on foot of this document. No entries on the day and no refunds for non attendance.


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Entry Confirmation


Entry confirmation will be sent on receiving entries and entry fees. Entries will be accepted by e-mail but will NOT be confirmed until cheques have been received. Each Force’s entries will be grouped in a package to be collected on attendance.


http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif Meal / Function


There will be a meal and function in the evening of Wednesday the 11th of June. This will be held at Brunel University. Meal will be at 7pm followed by a disco. Any vegetarian or vegan meals to be pre ordered please.

Cost of function is £25



http://www.slateman.co.uk/psuk/buttons/bullet-bluesquare.gif All correspondance and entries to:


Sgt. Ron Neil                                                                                                             

Heston Sector

Hounslow Police Station

5 Montague Road





Contact No: 020 8247 6065  (Work)

e-mail: ronald.neil@met.pnn.police.uk


Download details (MSWord)


Download Entry Form (MSWord)


Download Tug of War Entry Form (MSWord)





Timetable of Events (Provisional)


Track Events


11.30 hrs                       100                                             Heats                         Men

11.40hrs                        100                                             Heats                         Women

11.50 hrs                       800                                             Heats                         Men

12.00 hrs                       800                                             Heats                         Women

12.15 hrs                       110 Hurdles                                 Final                          Men

12.30 hrs                       3000 Walk                                   Final                          Men

13.00 hrs                       100                                             Final                          Men

13.10 hrs                       100                                             Final                          Women

13.20 hrs                       400                                             Heats                         Men

13.30 hrs                       400                                             Heats                         Women

13.40 hrs                       5000                                            Final                          Veteran Men     

14.10 hrs                       5000                                            Final                          Men

14.40 hrs                       200                                             Heats                         Men

14.50 hrs                       200                                             Heats                         Women

15.00 hrs                       400 Hurdles                                 Final                          Men

15.10 hrs                       800                                             Final                          Women

15.20 hrs                       800                                             Final                          Men

15.30 hrs                       5000                                            Final                          Women

16.05 hrs                       400                                             Final                          Men

16.15 hrs                       400                                             Final                          Women

16.25 hrs                       1500                                            Final                          Men

16.35 hrs                       1500                                            Final                          Women

16.45 hrs                       200                                             Final                          Women

16.50 hrs                       200                                             Final                          Men

16.55 hrs                       3000 Steeplechase                       Final                          Men

17.15 hrs                       4 X 100 Relay                               Final                          Women

17.25 hrs                       Medley Relay (800-200-200-400)    Final                          Men


Notes: Due to the large number of entries the Veteran Men’s 5000m race will be run separately from the open race.  Please indicate on the entry form which category you wish to compete in. If there are no heats then the finals will be held at the finals time.


Field Events

12.00 hrs       Long Jump – Men                        Pole Vault – Men & Women

13.15 hrs       Long Jump – Women                   High Jump – Men

14.30 hrs       Triple Jump – Men                       High Jump – Women     Shot - Men

15.30 hrs       Shot - Women

15.45 hrs       Triple Jump – Women                 


11.30 hrs       Long Throws from in order but will just follow on

                    Hammer –Men & Women       Discus - Men     Javelin – Women    

                    Javelin – Men     Discus – Women 


Tug-of-War Championships


11.00 hrs       Weigh-in

13.00 hrs       Start pulling


 Events to be contested



Track - Men and Women


  • 100 metres

  • 200 metres

  • 400 metres

  • 800 metres

  • 1500 metres

  • 5000 metres

  • Relay – Ladies 4 x 100 metres

  • Relay – Men’s Medley  (800x200x200x400)

  • 3000m walk


Track - Men Only

  • 110 metres hurdles

  • 400 metres hurdles

  • 3000 metres steeplechase




Field - Men and Women

  • Shot

  • Discus

  • Hammer

  •  Long jump

  •  High jump

  • Pole Vault

  • Javelin

  • Triple jump



Tug of War

  • 640k

  • 680k

  • 720k

  • Catch Weight


Please note that most equipment will be provided apart from Pole vault Poles. Due to Health and Safety, competitors are expected to bring their own poles!!!


Ropes and scales will be at the venue for the Tug of War.


2013 Final Results


2014 Event


Download details (MSWord)


Download Entry Form (MSWord)


Download Tug of War Entry Form (MSWord)




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