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'Promoting Sport, Fitness and Wellbeing through Running for Lancashire Constabulary Staff, Retired Staff Members and their families'


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Welcome to the

Lancashire Constabulary

Athletics Club


Steve Broadbent running in Switzerland

Welcome! to the Lancon AC Website!

This site is intended to be a reference point platform to all our main Athletics Club activities and races.

We also have a Lancon AC Facebook Site where members can be more interactive and share their stories and pictures with other members.

I have been Secretary of the Lancon AC for over 30 years and hope to continue promoting sport and fitness through running activities for members of Lancashire Constabulary staff, family members as well as retired members.


For further information contact the Secretary:  Steve Broadbent

Mobile: 07974 795466

Website address:

Website last updated - 3 January 2024

 Club Memberships

Sports & Wellbeing Club

The Lancon AC sits under the Constabulary Sports & Wellbeing Club and therefore you need to be a member of the Lancashire Constabulary Sports & Wellbeing Club first, to be a member of the Lancon AC.


A subscription needs to be paid monthly through police payroll or police pensions. It may also be paid annually in full if you are a retired 'police staff' member.

The Sports and Wellbeing Club kindly provides funding support to all members to take part in competitions including the affiliation to England Athletics.

To pay, email your request to:

Annual Sports & Wellbeing Club Membership is 3 a month/36 a year.

Lancon AC

All members of LCSWC can join Lancon AC free of charge as part of their main Sports Club membership.

You may also be affiliated to Lancon AC with England Athletics. Either directly or through another running Club. Affiliation is not compulsory but it does offer you reduced price entry fees at races and allows you to compete under the Lancon AC name and wear a Club vest in open races. The cost is only circa 20 a year.

If you are not affiliated you would either enter open races as 'unaffiliated' or "2nd Claim" if you are a member of another running Club. You would also be able to represent LanconAC in 'closed' Club races such as the NPCCL.

Annual England Athletics Affiliation for 2023/2024 Season is 20. Contact Steve Broadbent for details.

Club Hoodies

We have now created an official Lancashire Constabulary AC Hoodie Training Top for purchase by our members. These cost 17.50 - we have all sizes in stock

Club Embroidered Hoodie

Club Vests

A new order for Club vests has been placed and all sizes are available to order now. The vests are made by Ron Hill and are of good quality and cost 15.00.


Club Vest

To order contact Steve Broadbent -Payment can be made by BACS to our Club Account


Annual Athletics Club


Lancon CrestPSUK Crest

The Club have currently around 24 Official Club Fixtures each year. In addition our members can represent the Club in a variety of other running events throughout the year as Lancon AC.

Members can come forward to suggest other 'open' events to be considered for the Club calendar. Groups could travel together, take part and represent the Club individually or as a team.

News Latest

Our Official 2023/2024 Club Fixtures!

2024 Northern Police 10K Trail League
Fixtures set March 2024
Blue Bullet Fixture 1 - 1.30pm
Blue Bullet  Fixture 2 1.30pm
Blue Bullet  Fixture 3 1.30pm 
Blue Bullet  Fixture 4 1.30pm
Blue Bullet  Fixture 5 1.30pm

2024 Trail League Race Entry Point

  • 5 Fixtures - 15
  • Single Fixture - 4
Please enter using our secure BookitZone System. Cost includes your booking fee.

Northern Police Cross Country League
2023/2024 Season

Blue Bullet Fixture 1 - 11 October 2023 - North Yorkshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 2 25 October 2023 - Lancashire
Blue Bullet Fixture 3 8  November 2022 - Cheshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 4 29 November 2023 - South Yorkshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 5 - 13 December 2023 - Derbyshire

Blue Bullet Fixture 6 - 10 January 2024 - Staffordshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 7 24 January 2024 - Humberside

Blue Bullet Fixture 8 Friday 9 February 2024 - Merseyside
Blue Bullet Fixture 9 21 February 2024 - West Yorkshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 10 6 March 2024 - PSUK - Derbyshire
Blue Bullet Fixture 11 27 March 2024 - GMP

2023/2024 Cross Country League Race Entry Point

  • 11 Fixtures - 15
  • Single Fixture - 4
Please enter using our secure BookitZone System. Cost includes your booking fee.

PSUK and Other Official Fixtures
Blue Bullet PSUK Cross Country Championships - Wiltshire -6 March 2024
Blue Bullet British Police Fell Race - North Yorkshire - 8 May 2024
Blue Bullet PSUK Track and Field Athletics - TBF
Blue Bullet Snowdonia 7 Team Fell Race - North Wales - TBF
Blue Bullet PSUK 10 Mile Road Race - Cheshire - September 2024
Blue Bullet PSUK 5k and 10k Race Walk - Birmingham - 25 September 2024
Blue Bullet PSUK Marathon - York - 15 October 2023
Blue BulletPSUK Orienteering Championships - Birmingham - November 2023
Entry Points

If you are interested in any of the PSUK or Other events contact Steve Broadbent regarding entry - Furher information can be found at Athletics Website

Lancon AC Website Links

These pages are currently being revised and will be updated shortly...

Blue Bullet Picture Gallery - Click Here

Blue Bullet 'Runner of the Year' - Click Here

Blue Bullet 'Lancashire Sports Personality of the Year' - Click Here



PSUK 10 Mile - 2018 - North Wales



 Lancon AC

Training Sessions

Lancon Crest

Traditionally, as the 'Club' is spread across Lancashire the Lancon AC members tend to train in their own time maybe in small, pre-arranged groups. However,we currently have a new group created at HQ.

NEW!! The Plods Run Club

Organised by Tess Wood - HQ Control Room

Tess Wood is a qualified fitness trainer and is started a new Wednesday Afternoon/Evening run group from Police HQ. The Group is for all levels of runner. Complete beginner upwards!

If you are interested please email Tess by internal email or Steve Broadbent

There is a WhatsApp Group that you can join to receive notifications and details of the weekly running sessions.

Training Sessions

PSUK Crest

PSUK Athletics Website

The PSUK Athletics site featuring all the fixtures is on line. The site contains much of the information on this site but holds full details of forthcoming events and as well as results of past events also.

Go to:

North Wales Police

Snowdonia 7 Mountain Race

Snowdonia 7

The Club have supported this great event for many years and is one of our annual fixtures. The 2024 event will take place on Saturday July TBF

We hope to field a team of four runners in the 2024 event.

Contact Steve Broadbent if you are interested in competing in a for person team.


Northern Police

Cross Country League


  2023/2024 Season!


All fixtures generally 1.30pm Start - Dates and venues now fixed  Venues to be confirmed - 11 League Fixtures including Nationals

Planned fixtures detailed above.

Minibus Transport will be arranged from HQ/Bamber Bridge for all away fixtures.

There is a NPCCL website where you can find more information on the league and past results.


Link to NPCCL Website

Team Lancon Runner - Mark Mulryan - Update:

Mully - Team Lancon
Many of our runners from other Divisions will remember Mark Mulryan. He is a stalwart member of the Lancashire Team and has attended many fixtures in previous years, including the PSUK Nationals. He works as a CDO at Lancaster.
To cut a very, very long story short.......Sadly, Mully developed a knee injury and stopped running. However, he was recently admitted to Kendal Hospital for surgery to repair his knee so he could hopefully return to running. However....complications followed the surgery and sadly, his leg had to be amputated two weeks ago!
I have spoken to Mark today and he has taken things well and is in fairly good spirits. His leg amputation surgery has thankfully gone well. He was discharged from Lancaster Hospital yesterday to return home to his family.
His Sergeant at Lancaster, Dave Forshaw, has created a Justgiving fundraising page with a view to raising funds that will hopefully help Mully along the way in the coming months. Funds raised will support the inevitable additional costs that he will be faced with.
Mully is very optimistic, and he tells me that one of his big goals is to run again for Team Lancon in the not too distant future!
We all wish Mully the very best and a speedy return and really hope to see him on the cross-country course soon!
If you would like to help him on his quest and contribute, the link is posted below. 😊



Northern Police Trail Race Series


  2023 Season

Another season is planned. All fixtures 1.30pm Start - Venues to be decided nearer the time. The trail events will be around 10K. They are intended as an informal afternoon event.

Northern Police Cross Country League

2023/2024 Season

Likewise, another fantastic season will start in October with 11 races planned at different venues across the North of England.

These Trail or XC races are not elite by far and attract ALL standards of runner with no cut-off times. Some light refreshments after each race and a garthering with other Forces makes for a great day out!

Please give these races your support as they provide some nice informal running throughot the year and form the nucleus of our AC activities.

Further details on the site.

PSUK 5k and 10k Race Walk


1.00pm, Wednesday 27 September 2023



This is a great event taking place in Canon Hill Park near to the West Midlands Police Tally Ho Club. 10K for men and 5k for ladies.

Lancon Race Walk Team - Birmingham - 2013

Race walking is easy and a great way to keep fit and suppliment your running. The Club usually send a team of men and ladies each year.

To enter, contact Steve Broadbent direct.


Lancon AC on Facebook

Facebook Logo

Our best platform for interacting with Club members is through our private Facebook Group Page. You can join and receive notifications about Club activities as well as through this Website Platform.

The FB platform is ideal for sharing stories and pictures from your latest actvities.

Click here to join the Group:

Runner of the Year


PSUK XC Notts - 2015


This page is currently being updated. It contains details of our 'Club Runner of the Year' going back to 1994.

Click Here


Lancon AC Entry and Payment Portal

You may pay for certain race entry fees and affiliation fees as well as make purchases of Club vests directly through us.

  • Club Vests - 15.00
  • Club Hoodies - 17.50
  • 2023/2024 Club Affiliation - 20
  • Trail Race Series - 15 or 4
  • Northern Police XC League - 15 or 4

  • Payment details will be advised - By BACS to AC account

Club London Marathon Places

2021 Virgin London Marathon

Lancon AC are allocated one London Marathon place each year. This is offered to someone who has been rejected in the open ballot and has competed and supported the Club in the previous 12 months.

The latest available LM place will be for the 2024 event.

To qualify for the 2024 Club place runners will need to apply for the ballot that will be held in April 2023. If rejected then contact Steve Broadbent to be considered for the Club place.

PSUK 10 Team - Gosport Norfolk 2016

Duathlon and Triathlon Events

The Club also participate in athe annual PSUK Triathlon and Duathlon events. Contact Jon Marshall at Lancaster for further information.

Lancon PSUK Triathlon Team - 2017


PSUK 10 Mile Road Race


 Wednesday TBD September 2024


PSUK 10 - Farnborough 2015

The next PSUK 10 Mile Road race takes place in Gwent in September 2024. The event will require a two night stay in Gwent.

Contact Steve Broadbent direct if you are interested in competing..

British Police Fell Race

Mondal Dale - Reeth, North Yorkshire

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Police Fell Race Winners - 2019

This is a 10 mile/2000ft ascent fell race taking place in the Arkengarthdale Valley, North Yorkshire. Entries being taken. Contact Steve Broadbent

To view the 2023 results and race report visit the PSUK Athletics Site at:

Police Sport UK Marathon
Sunday 15 October 2023


This annual PSUK Championship takes place at a different venue each year.  The PSUK event is held within an established marathon race and 2023 is in York. A separate prizegiving taked place for the police after the race.

All standards of marathon runner may enter this event. Some funding toward travel and accommodation is also paid by the Club.


Details and Entry Form - Contact Steve Broadbent direct to enter


Police Sport UK Track & Field
Wednesday 7 June 2023


St Anton Marathon 2019

The Club have supported this event in years gone by. It offers a whole range of track and field events taking place all day. The running events are:

100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 5k, Hurdles and 3k Steeplechase.

We can also enter a range of 'Athletics Field' events as well:

Long, Triple and High jumps

Shot, Discus, Hammer, Javlin, Pole Vault

The date has now been announced. Contact Steve Broadbent if you are interested. We plan to travel down on the day.

Police Sport UK Orienteering

Orienteering map and compass

Competition Orienteeing is technical but very rewarding and offers an excellent run with some cunning running! You don't need to be the fastest runner to do well at Orienteering.

The annual PSUK competition is now held within another open orienteering event in October/November.

The event takes place November 2023. Contact Steve Broadbent if you are interested.