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Marathon Championships 2011


Incorporated within the Mablethorpe Marathon


Sunday 2 October 2011




The 2011 Police Sport UK Marathon Championships took take place in Mablethorpe on Sunday 2 October 2011  at 10.00 am. The event was incorporated within the official Mablethorpe Marathon event. Thank you to all those who took part.


Race Report (by PSUK Race Coordinator and competitor Steve Broadbent)


The 2011 Police Sport UK competition was held in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire incorporated within the annual 'Mablethorpe Marathon' event. The police race attracted 68 entries from 25 UK Police Forces.  62 runners started the race with 55 finishing the full marathon and a further four completing the half marathon event. There were a total of 260 runners in the 'open' event.


In many respects, we could not have asked for better weather. The race started at 10.00 am with sunny, clear blue skies and temperatures soaring to 70 to 80 degrees by mid-day. The race was very well marshalled with plenty of water stations and isotonic drinks so runners had no problem hydrating. The course was typically flat, Lincolnshire countryside traversing minor roads and picturesque country lanes. The marathon was a two-lap course with a 1.5 mile stretch along a very cooling promenade seafront from Sutton-on-Sea to Mablethorpe. Here runners were greeted by holiday makers and given much needed encouragement at the 12 and 25 mile stages in the race.


Cheshire Police were out in force with Rob Grantham, Malcolm Fowler, Vince Van Weorkom and Neil Pettie being placed 1, 2, 3 and 6th in the police race and 1, 3,5,and 11th in the 'open' race! They therefore swept the board in both police and open events with the first three achieving sub-three hour times.


Sarah Hill from Hampshire Police was 1st lady and 2nd lady in the 'open' event with a time of 3.03. The Gloucestershire team were also strong as 2nd police team with the Strathclyde team scoring 3rd. The Strathclyde ladies also won the ladies 'open' team ladies prize.


Carl Quinn from West Yorkshire was first veteran 40+ male in a time of 3.11 with the 1st veteran 35+ lady, Trish VanRoyan, another Cheshire whippet, finishing in 3.41.


A big thanks go to the organisers and officials of the Mablethorpe event who made the police very welcome and provided excellent support and liaison throughout the competition.


The 2012 Police Sport UK event is planned to take place within the Jersey Marathon event on October 7 2012. In the Olympic year we hope this venue will attract a good field from the UK police.




Pos OpenRace NoCompetitor NameGenderCategoryCat PosClubFinish TimeChip TimePrize
1 1408Robert GranthamMaleOpen1Cheshire Police02.38.5502.38.541st Male Open
2 3455Malcolm FowlerMaleV401Cheshire Police02.46.1402.46.142nd Male Open
3 5456Vince Van WoerkomMaleOpen3Cheshire Police02.55.3602.55.363rd Male Open
4 6448Cameron WilsonMaleOpen4Strathclyde Police02.58.0902.58.084th Male Open
5110410Sarah HillFemaleOpen1Hampshire Police03.03.3203.03.301st Female Open
6 11467Neil PettieMaleOpen5Cheshire Police03.04.1803.04.17 
7 12446Colin WoodMaleOpen6Surrey Police03.04.4003.04.39 
8 13430Wayne UsherMaleOpen7Gloucestershire Police03.04.4403.04.44 
9 15409Peter HagueMaleOpen8Nottinghamshire Police03.07.3803.07.36 
10 17462Carl QuinnMaleV404West Yorkshire Police03.11.3103.11.291st Male Veteran 40+
11 18436Richard CockbainMaleOpen9Lothian & Borders Police03.13.2103.13.20 
12219424Polly Randall-JohnsonFemaleV402Devon & Cornwall Police03.13.4103.13.382nd Female Open
13322415Kathryn KellyFemaleOpen2Greater Manchester Police03.15.5403.15.523rd Female Open
14 25435Scott LynchMaleV407Kent Police03.18.3803.18.382nd Male Veteran 40+
15 26412James JohnsonMaleOpen13Devon & Cornwall Police03.19.1103.19.08 
16 27413Darren JonesMaleV407Gloucestershire Police03.19.3303.19.323rd Male Veteran 40+
17430406Ailsa CurrieFemaleOpen3Strathclyde Police03.22.5203.22.46 
18 34451Robert MillsMaleV504West Midlands Police03.25.4803.25.451st Male Veteran 50+
19 41414Roy JonesMaleV4012Gloucestershire Police03.28.4603.28.45 
20 53422Don PearsonMaleV508Devon & Cornwall Police03.35.3103.35.14 
21 56464Stuart BarnardMaleOpen20Norfolk Police03.36.2703.36.19 
22 60449Neil CoppackMaleV4020North Wales Police03.38.0403.37.564th Male Veteran 40+
23 61420Sid PaskMaleV602Central Scotland Police03.38.2803.38.211st Male Veteran 60+
24563407Karlyn ForsythFemaleOpen8Strathclyde Police03.39.5203.39.47 
25667457Trisha Van rooyenFemaleOpen9Cheshire Police03.41.1203.41.071st Female Veteran 35+
26 75411John JacksonMaleV4026Essex Police03.44.0703.43.48 
27 80418David NeedhamMaleV603South Yorkshire Police03.46.0903.46.04 
28783466Maria GreavesFemaleOpen13Norfolk Police03.47.5303.47.45 
29 85423Campbell PetrieMaleOpen26Strathclyde Police03.48.5803.48.55 
30 104429Gavin ToshMaleOpen32Strathclyde Police03.54.4003.54.34 
31 109402Ian BaggottMaleV4037Devon & Cornwall Police03.56.0503.56.01 
328116438Lisa Brazier-wattFemaleOpen17Lothian & Borders Police03.58.2603.58.07 
33 117309Simon BromileyMaleV4039Lincolnshire Police03.58.3503.58.21 
34 122405Steve BroadbentMaleV5014Lancashire Police04.00.3804.00.29 
359127428Caroline SummersFemaleOpen18Strathclyde Police04.02.0904.02.04 
36 130465Craig JohnstoneMaleOpen38Norfolk Police04.03.0704.02.59 
37 132443Craig EllisMaleOpen39Gwent Police04.04.1204.03.58 
38 133441Gary PirieMaleOpen40Lothian & Borders Police04.04.4504.04.43 
3910136445Sue TaggFemaleV409Gwent Police04.05.3604.05.272nd Female Veteran 35+
4011142458Hayley TurnerFemaleOpen19North Yorkshire Police04.09.5704.09.53 
41 143442Douglas PatonMaleV4051Lothian & Borders Police04.11.2504.11.05 
42 144437Mark DownieMaleV4052Lothian & Borders Police04.11.2504.11.06 
43 150417Grant MccormackMaleOpen45Strathclyde Police04.15.1104.15.08 
44 154463Graham DysonMaleV4055West Yorkshire Police04.17.0204.16.54 
45 165416Adrian MartinMaleV4060Cleveland Police04.23.5904.23.48 
46 167421Nigel PaylorMaleV4062Nottinghamshire Police04.24.1404.24.01 
47 174460Chris SpencerMaleOpen51Kent Police04.29.4704.29.40 
4812176454Angela BriggsFemaleV4013Derbyshire04.30.2804.30.113rd Female Veteran 35+
4913185425Jacqueline ReidFemaleV4015Metropolitan Police04.34.0104.34.001st Female Veteran 45+
50 187434Mick BrodrickMaleV4069Lancashire Police04.35.4004.35.21 
51 194432David WilkinsonMaleV5025Lancashire Police04.38.3404.38.10 
52 220459Mel MooreMaleV4080Kent Police04.51.3304.51.26 
53 231444Steve NewMaleV4084Gwent Police04.56.5704.56.42 
5414250401Julia AdcockFemaleV4022Devon & Cornwall Police05.31.3905.31.33 
55 251427Graham SlaterMaleV5034Lancashire Police05.33.5705.33.33 
  431Kendra-anne WhiteFemaleV4037Cleveland  -  Police DNF-HMHM - 01:53:51
  439Aldo MatrundolaMaleV4074Lothian & Borders DNF-HMHM - 02:18:00
  447Yvette ArthurFemaleV5013West Yorkshire DNF-HMHM - 02:00:09
  461Heather MitchellFemaleV5014West Yorkshire DNF-HMHM - 02:06:31
   James BlightMale  Devon & Cornwall Police DNF 
   Steven LaurieMale  Lothian & Borders Police DNF 
   Harvey RoseMale  West Midlands Police DNF 
   Lisa KnightsFemale  Derbyshire Police DNS 
   Emma SidebothamFemale  Devon & Cornwall Police DNS 
   Simon BoobyerMale  Devon & Cornwall Police DNS 
   David WilkinsonMaleOpen Lancashire Police DNS 
   Samantha OakleyFemale  Wawickshire Police DNS 
   Christopher HansonMale  West Midlands Police DNS 


Team Results - Mixed (Top three to score)


PosForceRunner 1Runner 2Runner 3Total Time
4Devon & Cornwall03:13:3803:19:0803:35:1410:08:00
5Lothian & Borders03:13:2003:58:0704:04:4311:16:10
10West Yorkshire03:11:2904:16:54DNF-HM7:28:23
11Nottinghamshire03:07:3604:24:01 7:31:37
12Cleveland04:23:48DNF-HM 4:23:48
13Derbyshire04:30:11DNS 4:30:11
14Hampshire03:03:30  3:03:30
15Surrey03:04:39  3:04:39
16GMP03:15:52  3:15:52
17West Midlands03:25:45  3:25:45
18North Wales03:37:56  3:37:56
19Central Scotland03:38:21  3:38:21
20Essex03:43:48  3:43:48
21South Yorkshire03:46:04  3:46:04
22Lincolnshire03:58:21  3:58:21
23North Yorkshire04:09:53  4:09:53
24Metropolitan04:34:00  4:34:00
25WarwickshireDNS  0:00:00








Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or require any other information.


SC Steve Broadbent

Police Sport UK Athletics Section - Marathon Co-ordinator

Carnforth Police Station

Grosvenor Road





Work Tel: 01524 596424

Mobile: 07974 795466

Fax: 01524 596446

Email: Steve Broadbent


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