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Sporting 'Super Stars'


Could you be the “Police Sport UK Sporting Super Star of 2014”?





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Police Sport UK are seeking to find a Super Star in sporting terms. It is a national competition open to all forces. Police Sport UK is aware that a large number of its members do not participate in traditional team sports such as soccer and cricket but do have a active sporting lifestyle using local gymnasiums to keep fit. It is these members we hope to attract into this concept.


Each force will be invited to enter one male and one female competitor to the National Super Stars event to be held over 3 days on Tuesday 6 May and Thursday 8 May 2014. Participants will need to arrive at the venue Potters Leisure resort, Hopton, near Great Yarmouth on the evening of the Tuesday 6 May and depart Friday 9 May.




Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth. The event is held in conjunction with the annual Police Sport UK Indoor Games Championships.


Brief Event Itinerary


Tuesday 6 May 2014 - Arrival and Briefing

Wednesday 7 May 2014 - Event Day 1

Thursday 8 May 2014 - Event Day 2  and Presentation Dinner

Friday 9 May 2014 - Departure


'Super Stars' Decathlon of Events


Bleep Test


100m Sprint


Cricket Ball Throw


Climbing Wall


Indoor Rowing


Target Shooting


3 Gym Tests


Kettle Ball Hold




10K Orienteering Run


Individual Event Timetable and Descriptions


Timetable and Description of Individual Events (MS Word Doc)




The event is open to both serving and retired Police Officers and Police Staff.


Forces with strength of under 7,000 - 1 Male and 1 Female entry

Forces with strength of over 7,000 - 2 Male and 2 Female entries

Metropolitan Police Service - Four Male and Four Female entries


After the entry deadline the committee may accept further entries from the same force subject to spaces being available.




1st Male Open

2nd Male Open


1st Female Open

2nd Female Open


1st Male Masters (40+)

1st Female Masters (40+)


Entry Selection


For 2014 there are 30 places available in this event.


There are two ways to enter this event:


Via Your Force Sports Club


There may be other members of your force interested in being selected for this event. It is likely that your club may want to hold a local selection test to determine their best male and female competitor in your sports club.


Direct To The Organiser


Smaller forces may only attract one or two entries. If you are unaware of any other interest in your force then you could enter directly with the organiser and take an automatic entry. Should an other entry come forward from your force then a decision would have to be made by your force sports club as to who is selected.


You may then consider applying to your Club for funding support. Most forces in the UK should recognise this event as an official PSUK competition and will hopefully provide funding. This may be subject to force funding criteria.


After the entry deadline the committee may accept further entries from the same force subject to spaces being available.


Entre Fee and Costings

Venue is Potters Leisure Resort, Norfolk, further details via www.pottersholidays.com Cost for 'Sporting Super Stars' competitors has been set at £235. This includes event entry fee, three nights accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Events include, Wall Climb, Archery, Shooting, Cricket ball Throw, Indoor Rowing, Orienteering, Bleep & Gym tests.

Guests will be charged £190

Further, the Committee has negotiated a special price of £54 per any person for those wishing to attend on Bank Holiday - Monday 5th May 2014, whilst the cost breakdown, not including competitor entry fee, is as follows: - 3-night accommodation - £135 Tuesday Dinner - £10 Wednesday Lunch/Dinner - £15 (£5/£10 respectively) Thursday Lunch/Presentation Dinner - £30 (£5/£25 respectively) Total cost of Championships price package = £190 + £45 competitor entry fee.

Closing Date


The entry deadline is 1 April 2014 - However, the committee will accept late entries at the discretion of the organisers.


Entry Form MS Word Document

2014 Timetable, Rules and Description of Individual Events (MS Word Doc)


2013 Timetable, Rules and Description of Individual Events (MS Word Doc)

2013 Event Final Results Tables MS Excel


2012 Event Final Results Tables MS Excel


2011 Picture Gallery

2011 Event Final Results Tables MS Excel


Contact - Event Coordinator: PS Richard Horne




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