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Marathon Championships 2010


Incorporated within the Snowdonia Marathon


Saturday 30 October 2010


Race Report and Results




The 2010 Police Sport UK Marathon Championships took place in Snowdonia on Saturday 30 October 2010 starting at 10.30am from Llanberis. The event was incorporated within the official Snowdonia Marathon event.


Thank you to everyone for their support in the 2010 PSUK Marathon. The feedback following the race has been tremendous and I think everyone who took part enjoyed the race despite battling through occasional heavy showers and hail stones! In the main the weather and views were excellent over a tough, challenging course and most achieved their target times.


Special congratulations go to Christine Howard and Richard Gardiner who won the overall female and male Open Race outright giving Police Sport UK something to be very proud of.


Police Sport UK had a total of 82 entries in the race with 70 starters and 70 finishers on the day!


Race Results


PSUK Results




# PSUK times calculated on 'chip' times. This creates no changes to the prizes.

# Open race positions and categories based on 'gun' times.

# There are actually very few discrepancies between the two.

# Prize update: South Wales now take 3rd team from Derbyshire (Due to late SWP 3rd finisher bringing up the rear in time) 


Open Race
Gender PositionRace No.NameSurnameForceGenderAgeEdinburghLeicesterSnowdoniaSnowdoniaPrize
11111959RichardGardinerSouth WalesM37  02.36.2402:36:241st Male Open
22715271900RobGranthamCheshireM37  03.05.0203:05:052nd Male Open
328111903ChristineHowardDerbyshireF39 03.00.0003.05.1203:05:151st Female Open
43917381922WayneUsherGloucestershireM3502.59.1102.43.2603.09.1203:09:163rd Male Open
54015391923DarrenJonesGloucestershireM42  03.09.1503:09:191st Male Veteran 40+
64118401930IoanWilliamsGwentM28 03.01.1903.09.2103:09:25 
76429621945KrisBarnardNorfolkM35 03.13.2503.13.3303:13:38 
810117941975JohnLevickWest YorkshireM46 03.21.4403.23.2203:23:291st Male Veteran 45+
910343961944LeighPackerMetropolitanM3202.50.12 03.23.4103:23:48 
10127321181950ThomasPrytherchNorth WalesM41  03.25.3803:27:062nd Male Veteran 40+
11117791961KellyMorganSouth WalesF32  03.26.1903:26:222nd Female Open
12136351261914CarwynPhillipsDyfed-PowysM40  03.28.3903:28:503rd Male Veteran 40+
1314891371908NickDaviesDyfed-PowysM5103.23.14 03.31.0703:32:061st Male Veteran 50+
14157721461957AndyWilliamsNottinghamshireM36  03.33.1803:33:21 
15160231491979MikeBrooksLothian & BordersM4503.00.23 03.33.1903:33:32 
16174381631953NeilCoppackNorth WalesM41  03.35.0603:35:59 
17179141671937SteveBroadbentLancashireM51 03.27.1803.36.1703:36:20 
18183401711902BruceClarkeDerbyshireM44  03.36.3903:36:51 
1921051961951RobertHindNorth WalesM5703.16.3903.14.3303.40.0303:40:561st Male Veteran 55+
202391042191963CampbellPetrieStrathclydeM3500.03.35 03.42.4903:43:51 
2126914241940JanineFallonLancashireF35DNS03.41.5003.44.4703:46:333rd Female Open
22291202651905DonPearsonDevon & CornwallM53 03.27.2803.47.0503:48:38 
2330815271967AilsaCurrieStrathclydeF39  03.48.4303:49:45 
24297452711907IanBaggottDevon & CornwallM46 03.06.3503.48.5903:49:05 
25303482771958PhilipHoggNottinghamshireM46  03.49.1503:49:24 
26313672861918DavidSteerDyfed-PowysM42  03.49.3503:50:35 
2730742811962DavidNeedhamSouth YorkshireM6303.26.46 03.49.3803:49:421st Male Veteran 60+
283281422991955HuwTrainorNorth WalesM33  03.51.4503:52:09 
293491513181946StuartBarnardNorfolkM34 03.40.5303.52.4403:53:44 
303572331934VeronicaSingletonHertfordshireF50 03.35.1503.53.5503:54:071st Female Veteran 35+
31355253231921GordonNelliesFifeM51  03.53.5703:54:05 
32477924231942Mick BrodrickLancashireM44 03.39.1804.01.4904:02:24 
33490794361919JonathonTattonDyfed-PowysM45  04.02.3304:03:33 
3449325561954YvieJohnsonNorth WalesF30  04.02.5104:03:49 
35504974451972GrahamDysonWest YorkshireM43 03.53.0704.04.2404:04:45 
3652430631964CarolineSummersStrathclydeF3404.04.34 04.05.1104:06:14 
3754316691931SusanneTaggGwentF43 03.36.1004.06.2704:08:132nd Female Veteran 35+
385572354841924MartinCarmichaelGrampianM33  04.07.1904:09:04 
395762445001909Steve CockwellDyfed-PowysM39  04.09.4104:10:41 
405801105041904RossMorley-TrapnellDevon & CornwallM44  04.09.4604:11:18 
4159140791978LisaBrazierLothian & BordersF33  04.10.2204:12:14 
425952495141974LeonRickettsWest YorkshireM34 03.45.0104.12.2804:12:34 
43615905311917JohnReesDyfed-PowysM46  04.13.3304:15:13 
4462144851966GrantMcCormackStrathclydeM33 03.23.0504.13.5404:15:34 
456132585291912DeeNixDyfed-PowysF39  04.13.5404:14:573rd Female Veteran 35+
4663546871969SarahBealesWest MerciaF39  04.14.2904:16:11 
47638455511968WilliamElliottWest MerciaM51  04.14.3204:16:14 
486662785731901SteveBruceDerbyshireM28  04.17.1004:18:26 
4969453991943AnnaJermainMetropolitanF36  04.21.1904:21:48 
50708566071938DavidWilkinsonLancashireM51  04.21.3304:23:38 
527243006201915ConradReesDyfed-PowysM35  04.23.2504:24:48 
53746191071925IsabelMcDonaldGrampianF48  04.24.5504:26:401st Female Veteran 45+
54790581151970EmmaBurrowsWest MerciaF2904.29.0404:30:46
557951416801916GwynnReesDyfed-PowysM44  04.29.2204:30:59 
56780211111952MelanieWilliamsNorth WalesF4803.57.55 04.29.3404:30:08 
5778171121948PamGrant North WalesF53  04.29.3704:30:11 
588233457051947CraigJohnstoneNorfolkM35 03.52.0004.32.3604:33:51 
598693557391941BenBenterLancashireM32  04.37.0604:39:11 
609171287781936MelMooreKentM45 04.05.0904.42.1404:43:25 
619341627911929AndrewMarrinerGwentM42  04.43.3204:44:50 
629721358201960NickWilliamsSouth WalesM48  04.49.1604:49:50 
64   1933PhilipWynesHertfordshireM55 03.59.5304.53.0004.53.00Chip malfunction - Inserted time
65105114287745AndrewAmosHertfordshireM48  04.56.5504:58:01 
661101411911920LynEvansDyfed-PowysM45  05.03.1005:04:39 
6711371869351956MarkReesNorth YorkshireM4404.36.38 05.11.1405:11:32 
681149869411971RichardHorderWest MerciaM53  05.12.3905:13:24 
6911544479441928TroyElliotGwentM39 04.41.1605.14.3705:16:23 
701219929921939GrahamSlaterLancashireM50  05.37.1305:39:19 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1949RichardBurbridgeNorth WalesM35  DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1980RichardCockbainLothian & BordersM34  DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1981RachelDrummondLothian & BordersF3103.35.54 DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1910JasonEdwardsDyfed-PowysM36  DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1932PeterHernHertfordshireM62 05.26.00DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1911PaulHuntDyfed-PowysM38  DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1906JamesJohnsonDevon & CornwallM32 03.06.32DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1977AntoniKotLothian & BordersM51 02.50.28DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1965GordonMacKenzieStrathclydeM32  DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1982AldoMatrundolaLothian & BordersM48DNSHMDNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1973SimonNewtonWest YorkshireM3202.43.5602.42.55DNSDNS 
DNSDNSDNSDNS1913ScottPatrickDyfed-PowysM48  DNSDNS 




1North WalesThomas Prychurch03:25:38
North WalesNeil Coppack03:35:06
North WalesRobert Hind03:40:03
 Total Time10:40:47
2Dyfed-PowysCarwyn Philips03:28:39
Dyfed-PowysNick Davies03:31:07
Dyfed-PowysDavid Steer03:49:35
 Total Time10:49:21
3South WalesRichard Gardiner02:36:24
South WalesKelly Morgan03:26:19
South WalesNick Williams04:49:16
 Total Time10:51:59
4DerbyshireChristine Howard03:05:12
DerbyshireBruce Clarke03:36:39
DerbyshireSteve Bruce04:17:10
 Total Time10:59:01
5LancashireSteve Broadbent03:36:17
LancashireJanine Fallon03:44:47
LancashireMick Brodrick04:01:49
 Total Time11:22:53
6StrathclydeCampbell Petrie03:42:49
StrathclydeLiz Short03:48:43
StrathclydeCaroline Summers04:05:11
 Total Time11:36:43
7NorfolkKris Barnard03:13:33
NorfolkStuart Barnard03:52:44
NorfolkCraig Johnstone04:32:36
 Total Time11:38:53
8GwentIoan Williams03:09:21
GwentSusanne Tagg04:06:27
GwentSteve New04:23:10
 Total Time11:38:58
9West YorkshireJohn Levick03:23:22
West YorkshireGraham Dyson04:04:24
West YorkshireLeon Ricketts04:12:28
 Total Time11:40:14
10Devon & CornwallDon Pearson03:47:05
Devon & CornwallIan Baggott03:48:59
Devon & CornwallRoss Morley-Trapnell04:09:36
 Total Time11:45:40
11West MerciaSarah Beales 04:14:29
West MerciaWilliam Elliott04:14:32
West MerciaEmma Burrows04:29:04
 Total Time12:58:05
12GwentIoan Williams03:09:21
GwentSusanne Tagg04:06:27
GwentSteve New04:23:10
 Total Time11:38:58
13HertfordshireRon Singleton03:53:55
HertfordshireAndrew Amos04:56:55
HertfordshirePeter HernDNS
 Total Time08:50:50


Open Event Results


Open Race Results pdf


Event S4C TV Coverage - 48 minutes (Expires 1/12/2010)




Race Briefing Information


Race Start


The 2010 Police Sport UK Marathon Championships will take place in Snowdonia on Saturday 30 October 2010 starting at 10.30am from Llanberis. The event  is incorporated within the official Snowdonia Marathon event.

Registration and Number collection 

Registration packs and race numbers will not be sent out. Registration will take place in the Llanberis Community Centre LL554UR from midday until midnight on Friday 29th October 2010 and again from 6am until 9am on the morning of Saturday 30th October. This is when you will be given your race pack.

I will be available to chat at the Llanberis Community Centre and Premier Inn Caernarfon on Friday evening and also Saturday morning should there be any issues concerning the PSUK event. Please contact me on 07974 795466 if there are any problems.

Open Event Presentation of Prizes/Trophies


This will take place at 15.00 hrs at the Electric Mountain premises next door to the community centre where you registered.


PSUK Prize Presentation and Post Race Meal

This will take place following the 'Open Event' presentation circa 15.30/16.00 hrs in the Legacy Royal Victoria Hotel, Llanberis LL55 4TY. The hotel is located a short walk from the Electric Mountain building.

We hope to serve food soonest opportunity and hopefully wait for as many PSUK runners to finish as possible before presenting the PSUK prizes. A list of the prizes to be contested is detailed below.

Remember, the team prizes are ‘mixed’ and go to the first three male or females finishing from each force based on their accumulative finishing times. So you may be a third counter for your force so dig in as you ascend that last hill section!!

The proceedings will conclude around 16.30 hrs when many runners will return home or stay over one extra night.


Post Race showers and changing


Sorry, none provided by PSUK - At the discretion of the competitors.


PSUK Prizes/Trophies                                                                                                       


Police Sport UK Championships


Winners: Open Men, Open Women, Vet 40+ Men, Vet 50+ Men, Vet 60+ Men, Vet 35+ Women, Vet 45+ Women, Vet 55+ Women


Runner’s Up: Open Men, Open Women, Vet 40+ Men Vet 35+ Women


3rd Place: Open Men, Vet 40+ Men Vet 35+ Women


Teams: 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams - Men and Women Combined (First three to count)


Other age prizes may be added subject to contention.


PSUK Race Day Contact Number


Contact me on 07974 795466 if there are any problems. Heather Mitchell (West Yorkshire) will be the PSUK contact person on the same number at the start/finish while I am running in the race.


Further Information and Results


Our own dedicated web-page with information specific to the Police Sport UK Championships and final results will be posted here.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or require any other information.


SC Steve Broadbent

Police Sport UK Athletics Section - Marathon Co-ordinator

Carnforth Police Station

Grosvenor Road





Work Tel: 01524 596424

Mobile: 07974 795466

Fax: 01524 596446

Email: Steve Broadbent


Entry Form Word Document Hand Fill

Entry Information


See Snowdonia Marathon website for other race information details.



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